Genealogy in Trichiana

If you know (or you think) that your ancestors were from Trichiana, you could find info about your Italian family at Registrar of Vital Statistics in the City Office or at the parishes.

Registry offices in Veneto and in Belluno province were established in early 1800: it means that you could find information in Trichiana registrar as of that date.

So, if your ancestors were in Trichiana in the nineteenth or twentieth century, then you could try to contact the City Office of Trichiana to know more.

Would you like to know if any distant relatives live in Trichiana?

Check how many people with the same surname live today in Trichiana


Before to start your genealogy research in Trichiana, we suggest you to read our tips for your search . They are useful to search in Veneto and in Trichiana too.

In the next picture you can see the demographic trends in Trichiana from the Italian Unification (1861).

It could be important to know if the last name you are investigating is a frequent surname in Trichiana. As more your surname is common in Trichiana, as more it could be difficult to find the right info about your ancestors in Trichiana archives if you have not exact dates.
It could be useful for you to know that some of the most common surnames in Belluno province are:
Bernardi, Bianchet, Bogo, Bortoluzzi, Bortot, Bristot, Casagrande, Casanova, Cassol, Colle, Corso, Costa, Da Col, Da Rold, Dal Farra, Dal Magro, Dal Mas, Dal Pont, De Barba, De Bastiani, De Bona, De Bortoli, De Col, De Min, De Toffol, Del Favero, D’Inca’, Facchin, Faoro, Fontana, Fontanive, Ganz, Marcon, Mazzucco, Menardi, Rech, Reolon, Rossi, Sacchet, Sommacal, Soppelsa, Tabacchi, Tormen, Viel, Zanella, Zanon, Zatta.

Church archives in Belluno province may instead contain even older information, but they are far less accessible from abroad (and almost impossible by email).
Then,parishes send information not easily.

If you have the opportunity to visit Trichiana and Belluno province, you could plan to investigate churches’ archives by yourself (or with us!), but from abroad is very difficult to obtain any result unless you find a reliable local help.

Another important source of information is the “Archivio di Stato” (National archive) in Venezia.

In any case, never give up! Probably the distance from your country and Italy, some difficulties in understanding and in translation, could complicate your search but this should not discourage you.

It’s important to plan your activities to carry on with simple goals (eg. search for a single date of birth, the name of an ancestor, the date of a marriage, etc.)

If you are interested to start or to continue your genealogy research in Trichiana, or if you have questions regarding your family in Trichiana, just leave a message below, we will answer you by email

If your research is in a dead end and you need some professional advices from skilled and reliable Italian genealogists write to


  1. Deborah says:

    Hello, I am researching my husbands father Candido De Barba born in Trichiana on 25/11/1908. His father was Angelo DeBarba and his mother Victoria Canal. He was christened on 25/11/1908 at St Antoni de Fortal ( this is what we think the writing says) I have these records from his mariage documents. He was married in Crunes cites Lorraine France on 21/11/53 to Tina Elvira Zasilli from Sora Frosinone.
    We have a small amount of other information but it relates to his time in France.
    We are trying to find any information on Candido as he died when my husband was very young and he has no history of him.
    Thankyou in advance for any information you can find for us.

  2. Gilberto Luis says:

    Buon pomeriggio. Io vivo in Brasile, io sono da una famiglia Dal Mas, ma lui è venuto qui nel 1833, dal Sig. Francesco Dal Mas però, che era sposato con Magdalena Brancher. Il padre era un uomo di nome Angelo Dal Mas però, è solo che essi conoscono. Qualcuno potrebbe aiutarmi a trovare qualche persona collegata con questa famiglia, mi puoi dare maggiori informazioni sulla famiglia di Francesco e Angelo? Sto preparando il nostro albero di famiglia e ho bisogno di queste informazioni, tutte le informazioni di contatto, etc.

    Gilberto Luis.

  3. Gilberto Luis says:

    Buon pomeriggio.
    Mi chiedo Francesco Dal ma che è naturale Trichiana, che era sposato con Maddalena Brancher o Bramar o qualcosa. So che sono venuti in Brasile intorno al 1833. Ma Francesco Dal ebbe cinque figli: Barnaba Arcangelo Dal Ma Angelo Dal Ma Antonio Dal Ma Luvigi Ma Bernardo Dal e Dal Ma Felice. Barnaba Arcangelo Dal Ma, figlio di Francesco, è nato il 1874/06/01 a “Comune Di Trichiana” Provincia di Belluno, regione Veneto, Italia. Egli è venuto in Brasile con 9 anni di età nel 1883. Sposò Maria Toldo, che era nato nel 1878 in Italia, i cui genitori Toldo e Angelo Thereza Muraro.

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