Genealogy Tours and Services in Italy

Have you ever thought to visit and live (in) the places where your ancestors lived?
Are you planning a genealogy tour in Italy ? We offer you a memorable experience to visit Italy to discover your ancestors' homeland. ItalianSide combines in-depth genealogical research with journeys "back to the roots" in partnership with Italian incoming tour operators.
A real experience of real Italian life: not a big bus journey, not the usual Italian trip, but a truly personal tour tailored on your own needs and interests.
To ensure the success of your trip to the roots we assure you a real team work (no hobbists here!):

- Professional genealogists will search the local archives for your ancestors original records. In these documents you will be able to read the addresses of the houses where your family lived. If distant relatives still reside in the village and you are interested in meeting them, our local experts will search for them too!;

- Authorized local tour operators, starting with the info collected in the previous phase, will prepare for you a personalized travel plan taking care of your needs and specific interests (take a look at a sample tour here);

- Skilled and selected local guides with a deep knowledge of places and people, according with the planned activities, will guide you in your italian villages discovering streets, alleys, churches and whatever you are interested to see; simply committed to quality!

Contact us at is the only Italian service suggested in Fox News report about Ancestry Tours in Europe "Trips to find your roots"
Feel free to ask about the best solutions for your trip back to the roots!
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