Feedback and Testimonials

In this page we collect some of the most recent feedback we receive about our help in genealogy researches.
Our reliable network of genealogists covers the main italian regions: that’s why we are able to be effective in almost the whole homeland of your ancestors.
If you are interested in what people say about our genealogy tours in Italy, click here.

Diane – USA (searching for ancestors in Calabria):
Our grandparents came to the USA from Aprigliano in the early 1900′s and settled in California. They had 9 children so there are lots of grandchildren and cousins! Would you believe NONE of us knew anything about our family in Italy??? So now, as we are all approaching our late 60′s we want to know! There has also been a family feud for over 40 years on the surname spelling!!!thanks so much to Italianside and researcher Carmela for solving our family mystery!! The sketchy childhood memories we had were confirmed and we feel so much closer to our grandparents!! Thank you thank you thank you!! Dreaming of our family and Italy, The Ferraro/Vigna family

Joe Masarone – USA (searching for ancestors in Campania region):
Like many second generation Italian-Americans I waited too long to concern myself about my Italian ancestors. My grandparents are long gone and their children grew up being Americans, distancing themselves from their roots. After years of gathering tidbits of information; struggling with genealogy software and websites, I was able to barely uncover my Great Grandparents names, and the origins of my family in the “old country.” Most Italian genealogical records have not been indexed, that is, digitized, allowing you easy access. What electronic records currently available are in the form of microfilm and require visiting Genealogical Research Libraries. Then there is the problem of translation. THEN I found! Michele and Gabriele have been great to work with and their fees very very reasonable! Thanks to I now have one family tree branch reaching back to the 1700s.

Jackie Brown – USA (searching for ancestors in Salerno Province):
I wanted to find out about my grandfather’s family in Palomonte, Salerno. We knew nothing about them except for their names. Michele was very accommodating to my needs and Gabriele did a magnificent job in locating records. I was truly surprised and very happy with the information I received. A pedigree was also included with copies of all the records. I would never have been able to do this on my own without going personally to Italy. It was a pleasure to do business with Italianside and would not hesitate to recommend them. I will also be contacting them at a later date to inquire about additional research.

John Capuzzi – USA (searching for ancestors in Abruzzo):
I am in the process of trying to attain Italian citizenship and need to confirm my Italian ancestry. This appeared to be a daunting task until I found Italian Side. Not only were the wonderful people there able to provide me with the detailed family history, they were able to get the official, sealed birth records. I am well on the way to completing the application process and am forever grateful for the fast and comprehensive service provided. Grazie!

Mike Burillo – USA (searching for ancestors in Basilicata):
Searching for the correct spelling of my surname brought me to italianside.Michele and his team did a great job. I spent many many hours researching on my own never quite knowing for sure, now not only do i know the real name but where they lived .Also maiden names of three generations of grandmothers,all done quickly and affordable. Maybe a Genealogy tour in the future .

Louisa Donovan – USA (searching for ancestors in Basilicata):
My family’s experience with for research in Basilicata has been excellent! These people take time to explain completely what kind of research they are able to do and exactly how your fee will be spent. They offer quick, thorough results and have patience with clients with follow-up questions. I had heard horror stories about the difficulty of completing research in Italy, but my experience was that I results in less than a week with actual records and a written summary of those record at a reasonable cost. The staff offered me suggestions for additional services, but did not make me feel pressured in any way. I very much enjoyed corresponding with them before and during our research.

George Meserole – USA (searching for ancestors in Campania):
My wife and I are extremely appreciative of Michele and his genealogists at Italian Side for their research on our family’s ancestors in Airola and Teggiano (Campania, Italy). The work was of a very professional quality and well worth the reasonable cost. The high quality detailed reports, charts, ged files and copies of certificates greatly exceeded my expectations. Equally so was the speed at which they responded to our requests. We would not hesitate in recommending Italian side to anyone with Italian roots. Thanks for providing information that has our family all abuzz about newly discovered ancestors.

Anthony Mercadante – USA (searching for ancestors in Puglia):
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff, for not only being Professional, but extremely Helpful in my Families Quest to reach back in time to find our Roots.I would not hesitate in recommending you and your company to anyone wishing to research their Ancestry.

Rose Warner – USA (searching for ancestors in Basilicata):
I am truly indebted to ItalianSide, for all their help and hopefully a continued relationship with ItalianSide, in the future. If you are looking to find your history in Italy, I would recommend you contact ItalianSide. I am sure they can and will help you out.

Simon Wilson – GB (searching for ancestors in Abruzzo):
I have just received very comprehensive and detailed reports about my ancestors who lived in Ari, Abruzzo at the turn of the last century. They came to live in Rome in the 1890s and one daughter married an Italian but died soon after. The only clue we had was on her gravestone in the English Cemetery in Rome that her husband was from Ari. Italianside did a terrific job in tracing the ancestors and uncovering a fascinating history of the family who were well known doctors. The only son of the marriage went to live in England in the 1920s and we will now try to trace his family. Thanks so much to Michele and the team for their dedicated and detailed research which now helps to fill the blank hole about that side of our family.

Kathy Volpe Sawyer – USA (searching for ancestors in Campania):
I would have been lost without Michele and Italian Side! They found records I had been searching years for in amazingly short time. Their services are fast, reliable and above all, affordable! I highly recommend Italian Side!!

Anna – Titan TV Sweden (for our partecipation to the show “Who Do You Think You Are?” – Swedish version):
Everything went great. Pernilla was very happy with all the stories she got.
Alessandro was very good as an expert. Thank you for helping us so much with this very interesting and fun genealogy and journey.

Mary – Canada (searching for ancestors in Molise and Abruzzo):
“Thank you so much ItalianSide!
You can’t imagine how happy I was with your help!
You really made my day.
I will be showing everyone these beautiful and wonderful findings!
You are amazing and if my italian is not to messed up Grazie mille per tutto l’aiuto!!!!”

Karl Voltaire ( France and Haiti– searching for ancestors in Irpinia):
I have nothing but praise for Michele and his colleagues at Italianside. They have produced fantastic research in a short time, which has allowed the family to discover stuff that we knew nothing about and also confirmed some links between past family that we suspected but did not have proof of. I very warmly recommend this service to other folks in search of their Italian forebears, and I myself plan to continue going back in time with them. Grazie Mille Michele and Alessandro e Auguri per il futuro.

Marnie – USA (searching for her roots in Calabria and Basilicata)
Grazie ItalianSide!
I am so glad I found you!
I hope you know that what you do is a truly wonderful thing.
Providing information we never knew and connecting us to our deepest roots.
Thank you so much for your help and for your website!
Cosi molto grato!

Kim – USA (searching for her roots in Lazio, Frosinone Province)
Hi,I wanted to write and tell you how wonderful my experience with was.
My great-grandparents came from Morolo, Italy to America.
I had been trying to research my Italian roots for over a year and I kept coming across this website.
I gave them all the information I had on my Great Grandfather which was only that I heard he came from Morolo and what I thought was the correct Italian spelling of his name and the birthdate.
They helped me to contact the Municipality in Morolo who came back without any information.This did not stop ItalianSide.
They decided perhaps my spelling was incorrect so we wrote again to the Municipality. I received a response within 48 hours and yes, ItalianSide was absolutely right, the spelling I had given was wrong.
The municipality was able to provide us now with my great-grandfathers birth record, his full Italian name with the correct spelling and even his parents names.
I would never have been able to find any of this information without ItalianSide. I cannot thank enough for what they have found for me.
Thank you again and look forward to working with you in the near future !

Jillian – USA (searching for ancestors in Abruzzo, Chieti Province)

Hello, I am writing to let everyone know how great is. My name is Jillian. I was surfing the web one night looking for information about my ancestor who came to America from Quadri Italy. This is a town in Chieti Province. I look through website and saw all the amazing thing that they had to offer. I decided to send a email to see if anyone could assist me with my search.
Within 24 hours I had a email from them. I explained my situation: I only had a town in Abruzzo to go with.
They help me to contact the Municipality in Quadri.
We received a Birth Certificate for my Great Grandfather and Death Certificate for His Parents. Also we received a family tree.
I want to Thank ItalianSide. They help me with stuff, I could not figure out by myself. We have a bond now. I will never forget what they have done for me. I would suggest anyone looking for your Italian Roots. To search and ask questions on They help with whatever questions you have.


…If you are going to research genealogy, you need a lot of patience and ItalianSide!