Back to your ancestral village

Italy is without a doubt a great country for tourism and one of the best destinations for tourists worldwide. It’s very easy to go to any travel agency anywhere in the world to book a tour of the major Italian cities (Rome, Venice, Florence, Siena etc.) . Everywhere there are Italian tour packages for the […]

Map of Basilicata

Travel to Basilicata ? Check our tour! Many people interested in travel to Italy asked us how to find good maps of Italian Regions. BASILICATA MAP is the first one we put on for a trip in Basilicata. Remember that Basilicata region is known even as Lucania (two names for this small italian region […]

Put your heart into it

A videoclip with Rino Gattuso, the Italian football player (and world champion in 2006 with the Italian team). Rino is from Calabria and he’s always very proud of his origins. Here he is in a tourism advertising campaign of his region. His last sentence in this video is: “Are you ready to put your heart […]

Authentic Italy

Francis Ford Coppola’ ancestors were from Italy, or better, from Bernalda a small town near Matera in Basilicata region (the heart of southern Italy). The name of the clip is “Basilicata Autentica” ( “authentic Basilicata” ). His grandfather preserved traditions and memories of his homeland and handed down through the generations. Even in Italy, many […]