1. Mary Frances Gerace says:

    Researching my family surnames Gerace and Alessi from Termini Immerese Palermo Sicily. Any information, please reply. Thank you.

  2. Cathy says:

    I am searching for any information on the “Re” and “Ricottone” families. I have found ship manifests dated 1899, 1901 and 1902. These manifests stated at the time they lived in Altavilla. There is no mention of relatives left behind. I have checked Castle Garden as well as Ellis Island. Is there any way I can find parents names or any family names? Are there any church records I could access on-line? It would be so great to see who the parents were.


  3. angelique says:

    I have been starting to research my fathers side of the family.
    Cosimo Patti Simonetti’s

    Both my great grandparents came to New York through Ellis Island and they were from Ventimiglia di Palermo.
    great grandfather:
    Cosimo Patti born May 15,1884, arrived in NY November 1898
    great grandmother:
    Giuseppa (Josephine)Urso, married cosimo patti she was born June 30,1889
    I believe she arrived in NY through Ellis Island as an infant.

    I am really interested to find out about their parents, other relatives as far back as possible.

    Kindly email me if you have any information that would be exciting to learn about.
    Much appreciation,

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