Old pictures of Leonforte

At ItalianSide, we have a big collection of old photos from almost every town in Sicilia and in Enna Province (We have more than 97% of Sicilian towns in our pictures archives!).
We have several images of Leonforte too and here you can see one of them (click on the picture to enlarge).

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If you like historical maps, here you can see an old map (1800) of Leonforte and its area.

If you are interested in this or other pictures of Leonforte leave a message below with your request.

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  1. Peter says:

    I am an American of Leonfortese ancestry. My grandfather was born in Leonforte in 1892. He came to America in 1910 to work. He returned to Leonforte a year later, got married and had a son, Pasqualino. The mother died immediately after Pasqualino was born, and my grandfather left Pasqualino in Sicily and returned to America to look for work. He suffered extreme poverty for many years and Pasquale was raised by relatives in Sicily. My grandfather met his second wife in America, Paola, she was from Castrogiovanni (now Enna) and they had four more children, my father was the youngest. In 1937 my grandmother died of a heart attack and my grandfather had to raise four children by himself during the Great Depression. Everyone grew up and my father went o Sicily to meet his eldest brother. Then in 1977 Pasqualino and his wife came to America for a visit, and father and son finally met after 64 years. They stayed in America for one month, then they went back to Sicily. Six months later my grandfather died peacefully in his sleep, finally meeting his first born. In 1979 my father took me to Leonforte, then my father died in 1986. I returned to Leonforte in 1987 to see my aunt and uncle once more. Then, I returned in 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2016. I love Leonforte, it’s a beautiful city. I got to see the old life there. I saw fruit vendors with donkeys pulling their carts, shepherds in the fields making ricotta, and so many other old customs. I hope to return soon. By the way our last name was violated from
    Rinaldi to Renardo in 1935 because my grandfather was illiterate.

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