Genealogy in Sambuca di Sicilia

If you know (or you think) that your ancestors were from Sambuca di Sicilia, you could find info about your Italian family at Registrar of Vital Statistics in the City Office or at the parishes.

Registry offices in Sicilia and in Agrigento province were established in early 1800: it means that you could find information in Sambuca di Sicilia registrar as of that date.

So, if your ancestors were in Sambuca di Sicilia in the nineteenth or twentieth century, then you could try to contact the City Office of Sambuca di Sicilia to know more.

Would you like to know if any distant relatives live in Sambuca di Sicilia?

Check how many people with the same surname live today in Sambuca di Sicilia


Before to start your genealogy research in Sambuca di Sicilia, we suggest you to read our tips for your search . They are useful to search in Sicilia and in Sambuca di Sicilia too.

In the next picture you can see the demographic trends in Sambuca di Sicilia from the Italian Unification (1861).

It could be important to know if the last name you are investigating is a frequent surname in Sambuca di Sicilia. As more your surname is common in Sambuca di Sicilia, as more it could be difficult to find the right info about your ancestors in Sambuca di Sicilia archives if you have not exact dates.
It could be useful for you to know that some of the most common surnames in Agrigento province are:
Alaimo, Amato, Argento, Arnone, Bellavia, Bono, Burgio, Butera, Cacciatore, Carlino, Castronovo, Ciaccio, Cipolla, Colletti, Costanza, Cuffaro, Cusumano, Di Caro, Ferraro, Gallo, Gambino, Giardina, Greco, Iacono, Indelicato, La Porta, La Rocca, Lauricella, Licata, Lombardo, Mangione, Maniscalco, Marino, Messina, Miceli, Montalbano, Morreale, Mule’, Palumbo, Patti, Piazza, Rizzo, Russo, Sanfilippo, Tuttolomondo, Vaccaro, Vella, Volpe.

Church archives in Agrigento province may instead contain even older information, but they are far less accessible from abroad (and almost impossible by email).
Then,parishes send information not easily.

If you have the opportunity to visit Sambuca di Sicilia and Agrigento province, you could plan to investigate churches’ archives by yourself (or with us!), but from abroad is very difficult to obtain any result unless you find a reliable local help.

In anycase, if you want to try to contact churches, here there is the info about parishes today in Sambuca di Sicilia

Another important source of information is the “Archivio di Stato” (National archive) in Palermo.

In any case, never give up! Probably the distance from your country and Italy, some difficulties in understanding and in translation, could complicate your search but this should not discourage you.

It’s important to plan your activities to carry on with simple goals (eg. search for a single date of birth, the name of an ancestor, the date of a marriage, etc.)

If you want to discuss with other people interested in genealogy research in Sambuca di Sicilia, or if you have questions regarding your family in Sambuca di Sicilia, just leave a message below

If your research is in a dead end and you need some professional advices from skilled and reliable Italian genealogists write to .
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  1. Sarah says:

    I will visit Sicily Ottobre 2018. I am looking for a travel guide who can pick me up at Palermo airport, drive me to Sambuca and next day return me to Palermo. I will stay overnight in Sambuca. I will pay for services of course. Thank you.

  2. Kathryn says:

    My husband’s family emigrated to the US from Sicily 2 generations ago. We will be going to Sicily in 2018, and would like to trace his ancestry. We know that his maternal grandparents, the Aidones originated from Sambuca, in Agrigento, and his paternal grandparents, the Bono family, originated from Campobello di Mazara, in the Trapani region. I would appreciate any information you can provide to help us locate family in the region.

  3. Marietta says:

    My materinal ancestors are from Sambuca, Italy. I have been able to research info back to 1799 and found Antonino Licata, my G.G.G. grandfather. He was married to. Francesca Reina. I would appreciate any info on the Licata family from Sambuca, Italy.

  4. Joe says:

    Looking for any information on the Sagona side of my family. My great Grandfather Calogero Sagona left for the US in 1874 or 1875. my Great grand mother was Fara Sparacina and she came to the US sometime later.

  5. James says:

    i know there are many Abruzzo families in Sambuca. My great great grandfather, Antonio Abruzzo was born in Sambuca around 1860 – he lived near Via Saracena. i am looking to trace his ancestry back a few generations. Also, does anyone know how the Abruzzo name came to Sambuca?

  6. Linda says:

    I know my Ganci family goes back several generations in Sambuca, I have birth and marriage certificates going back to my GG grandparents. I will visit Sambuca summer of 2017 and wondered if there are any Ganci families there.

  7. canova says:

    I am looking for information on Antonino Cannova who married a Sanfilipo and came to America around 1900 !

    Thank You

    • Mike says:

      My late mother’s maiden name was Canova, but when I located her parents graves at a suburb of Chicago, it was spelled Cannova. Not sure when or how the spelling changed. Their names are Vito and Anna Cannova.
      I’ve been doing some research, without much luck, but mostly on my paternal side of the family.

  8. Lisa says:

    I am trying to trace my family history. My GGG grandfather Antonio Parratore married May Calandra and his son my GG grandfather Joseph (I’m assuming that is his American name) Parratore born 11/20/1892 in Sambuca and wife Angeline Pictaci born 3/6/1897 then they came to America to Franklin Lousiana then moved and lived until they passed in Chicago Illinois. I believe Jasper Calandra was a brother? Would you be able to help me trace my family?

  9. Joseph says:

    Any information re the Sciame family name? Great grandfather was a Giuseppe Sciame.

    • Frances says:

      My son in law is a Sciame, son of Vincent Sciame, son of Tony Sciame who was born in Sambuca and immigrated with his mother Francesca S Cerio in 1925 at age one. She married in Italy a Sciame born in Louisiana who was in the military. Is this your same family?

  10. marietta says:

    I am looking for info of the Licata family from Sambuca, Sicily, Italy. i have been able to go back as far as Antonino Licata (1795) who married Francesca Reina. Amy informatiion will be appreciated.

  11. Scardino says:

    Looking for information on the parents of Andrew Scardino born 1888 in Sambuca di Sicilia, Sicily, Italy. He died in Dubuque, Iowa USA. His parents are to be
    Vincenzo Scardino and Giuseppa Monteleone.

  12. marietta says:

    I am looking for information on my G.G.grandfather, Filippo Licata and my G.G.G. grandfather, Michele Licata who were bot born in Sanbuca, Sicily.
    Any info would be helpful.
    Thank you,

  13. Denise Nelson says:

    Good afternoon,
    I am looking for information on my great grandparents, Sebastiano Gullotta and Antonina Mule.
    Is there a record of their marriage? I believe he was born in 1858? immigrated to US 1892?
    I would appreciate any help

    Mille Grazie,

    Denise Nelson

  14. Anna says:

    Hello, my name is Anna and I found the marriage certificate of my Great Grand Parents and would like you to translate it to English. I have tried to translate it but I come up short on some of the information because of the hand writing. I would like to e-mail you a copy so you could maybe translate the certificate. I would appreciate it.

    Thank you,

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