Provinces of Sicilia
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Provincia di palermo Provincia di Trapani Provincia di Agrigento Provincia di Caltanissetta Provincia di Enna Provincia di Messina Provincia di Catania Provincia di Siracusa Provincia di Ragusa Provincia di Trapani


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  1. Arthur says:

    My grandfather was born around 1880 in Sicily, I am trying to find out more info
    Thank you

  2. Carol says:

    I don’t know where my grandfather and grandmother came from in Sicily. Jacobo Infranca and Clara Totoro. Any relatives still living in the area?

  3. Jack Orlando says:

    Jack Orlando
    I am trying to find my great grandfather and grandfather was giachino Orlando from lercara friddi.please help me!!! Thank you very much!!!

  4. Maria says:

    My Grandfather Benedetto was adopted by the Camarda’s in Castellamare del golfo, Sicily. He was born in 1884. He does not know his mother’s name but was told his father was Baldasarre Vasile. My grandfather Benedetto’s last name was picked from a wheel that was spun and given the last name of Cordileone or it was spelled Cuordileone. It might have been changed when he came to America. I’m trying to find out his mother’s name from maybe a birth certificate and if he still has family from the Vasile side. They made Olive oil, wine and wheat and a street was named after them.

  5. Stephanie Luce says:

    My great-grandfather, Ignazio Di Dio, was from Riesi and was in the Army. I have a picture of him in uniform, but no other information. Is it possible to identify his unit via the uniform?

    Sincere thanks for your assistance.

  6. Hector Babilonia says:

    Searching for history and heradry of the Babilonia Family in Sicily.

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