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  1. Stu says:

    My Grandfather, Rocco Simonelli, and my Grandmother, Lucia Concetta Bolsa Simonelli, were born in Orsara di Puglia in 1873, and were married there July 20th, 1895. Two boys were born to them in Orsara, but according to my Grandmother, they died before she came to the US in 1903 to Join Rocco, who came over in 1900 and settled in Bethlehem, PA. Rocco was a stonemason who learned the trade from Michele Bolsa, his future father-in-law.

    We are trying to find out what the two boys’names were, and if they really died before Grandmother came over. We aren’t so sure. Over here in the US, there were eventually six daughters, including my own mother, Marie. The last surviving daughter, Elizabeth, died a few years ago.

    Ideally, we would like to find out the boys’names, their birthdays, and indeed if they did die at a young age. What official office would I address a letter to in hopes of finding out this info?


  2. Nancy Gatto DiBuono says:

    Both my fraternal Grandmother and Grandfather decended from Osara di Puglia or Foggia. My Grandmother’s name was Amelia Poppa Gatto. My Grandfather was Anthony Gatto.

  3. Mary Frances Gerace says:

    Researching my Italian families Palumbo & Maraschiello from Accadia Foggia Puglia. Please reply if you have any information regarding these names. Thank you!

  4. Lisa says:

    Looking for info on the VITULANO family from Manfredonia, Foggia, Puglia. Salvatore and Annina left for America separately, around 1920.

  5. Graciela says:

    hola!! Vivo en Argentina. Tengo doble ciudadania por mi abuela nacido en Bisceglie. Nunca fui a Italia, me gustaria hacerlo y encontrar a los familiares que quedaron alla.

  6. Felicia Moscatelli says:

    I live in U.S.A. My relatives are from the privince of Puglia in Foggia. Can I get someone to help me research my family? Is there a charge?

  7. Pam Acquaviva Kalbfleisch says:

    Researching my Italian family surnames Acquaviva, Cerrato, Tozzi, Accettullo, Lepore, Rutigliano from Orsara di Puglia, Foggia, and other nearby communities in the province of Puglia.

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