Your Home in Italy

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Searching the right opportunity to buy a property in Italy could be not an easy job if you forget some basic rules.
Rules that apply in many italian towns where often owners prefer to offer properties directly and where there are no estate agents.

Italianside, through agreements with leading real estate agencies, and through its network across Italy can set up a complete list of opportunities for those who want to buy property in Italy, even in smaller towns.

In many italian towns often best opportunities are known only with word of mouth: sometimes, it needs just an e-mail or a phone call to our personal contact in the town or in the neighboring towns, to know about new opportunities.
that's why we invite you to not give up if you do not find anything interesting in our pages about properties in your favourite Italian town.

Just contact us asking if there are other opportunities.

If then, even better, you have specific requests, please tell us !
It will be easier for us to find the solution that best suits your needs.

For example:
How big your Italian house should be ? How many bedrooms ? Interested in the old side of the town, or do you prefer the countryside ?
Are you looking for a brand new home ? And if does it need some renovations ?
Did you set your budget ?
Are you looking for your same ancestors' home ? (Wow...challenging!)

For further information about real estate in your Italian town, write us at .