Our local experts

ItalianSide.com is made by a network of experienced genealogists active in every Italian region.
All of them are professional as they are all skilled and, most important, they are graduated in Archivistics.
On the web everybody can claim to be an expert in genealogy, so very easily a research can become a nightmare or a scam.
That’s why we selected in every region ONLY archivists with verifiable skills and a consistent academic background. (for the truth, even to pay an annual fee to be affiliated to an association is not enough to meet our quality criteria)
This is a choice for two main reasons:

First reason is to assure to our readers and to us the reliability of real professionals.
As you will see by yourself when you will have the opportunity to read old documents, even to decipher the manuscripts can be difficult: many names, surnames or other words could be misunderstood by not trained people
A true background is the main reason for the quality and the effectiveness of the researches we can provide you (take a look at the reviews of our customers).

Second reason is because at Italianside.com we are strongly committed for the preservation of the heritage of unique and precious documents stored in small local archives.
Only expert and trained archivists know how to manage carefully old documents, and only them should be admitted to touch and work on old books (avoiding the “self-defined" genealogists).

Then as native locals, our researchers know exactly where to search.
They are often well known and trusted by the local officers or by the parishes of the villages: every town, every church, every archive and every document needs a deep knowledge of local history.

Commitment to quality and preservation of our local archives: this is the way we work!
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