Investment opportunities in Basilicata


A spacious four bedroom property on two levels with terrace, located in the heart of the historic centre of Irsina, close to Matera in Basilicata, Southern Italy. Marble floors in many rooms and accessible by car.
Price: €36,000 Includes assistance with purchase and utility connections, or, €45,000 with essential restoration works.


Light two bedroom property on four levels with large panoramic terrace, for sale in Irsina, Basilicata. Distinctive details in the vaulted ceilings, walls, stairs and inbuilt furniture give character to the property.
Price: €56,000 Includes assistance with purchase and utility connections, or, €58,000 with essential restoration works.


Luminous one bedroom property with characteristic vaulted niches areas on a quaint square for sale in Irsina, Basilicata.
Price: €25,000 Includes assistance with purchase and utility connections, or, €26,000 with essential restoration works.

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  1. Cassidy says:

    looking to find rental property in this area.

  2. Richard says:

    am looking for a 3 bedroom apartment or home in Montesano Scalo – province of Salerno. if you find anything, let me know pls.

  3. Chris C says:

    Please send information and listings on available properties. Thank you

  4. Robert says:

    Send me the details on these property’s thx

  5. Leslie says:

    Please send listing

  6. Betty says:

    Plz provide me with more information about the properties. I would like to buy soon.

  7. Guadalupe says:

    I am looking for a 2 bedroom house with a patio maximum budget $ 50,000.00 euros I want old worl nothing modern please, can you please send information to the email i sent

  8. David says:

    i am looking for house/apartment ca 100 sq meters in Stilo, Badolato, Santa Severina, Scilla or other small towns in Calabria/Basilicata/puglia. Budget 80 – 100,000 euros.. Must be in move in condition or minimal restoration. I will be in Calabria (Cimina/Scilla) alt the end of August.

  9. joseph says:

    I am interested in buying a house in Monte di procida. Please email me

  10. LaVerne says:

    I have done extensive searches for homes in Italy to buy. Have already chosen the area of Abbruzzo. I’ve already flown to Pescara, stayed a month and selected a house I love. Can’t wait to move.

  11. Felicina says:

    Do you have any ready to move in properties available in or close to Botricello, Calabria? I am looking to spend from $50 000 – 350 000.

    Thank you,


  12. Lucia says:

    Hi I am wanting to purchase a property in the coast line of Fondi lazio region or Sicily Catania my budget is 50 thousand dollars or a little above thanks

  13. Rita Aoun says:

    Those Basilicata houses look beautiful..
    Could you please send me photos of the interiors..
    And what do you mean by ‘essential restoration’ works?

    Also if you have other properties to show, in Calabria, Tuscany or Liguria ..
    My maximum budget is 50000 euros and it has to be already restored and ready to live in..
    I am afraid I don’t have time nor energy to take care of this myself.

    Thank you for your help,

  14. Gino says:

    Hi: Could you please give me some information as to houses and flats for sale in Sassi or in the area?

    Thank you,
    GINO M

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