Old Pictures

Old photos help us to travel back in time.
You can see places, squares, streets, people as they were: everyday life in a snapshot.
Everyone keeps old pictures somewhere to remember moments and loved ones, a treasure of memories. Many photos have been lost over time.
Old Photos of Italian Towns

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Fortunately there are those who patiently collected over decades photos and images that are now history.
Finding an old image of your old towns allows you to be close to your ancestors’ world.
Often you will see people posing: in the early 1900s, the presence of a photographer taking pictures was a real event in the smaller towns.
Men, women, kids, stopped to watch what was happening and remained immortalized in the picture.
Other scenes are more natural, a family around a dinner table, a man working, people walking in the center of the town.
Looking at those faces, you seem to recognize familiar people and why not? You might be lucky enough to really find some of your ancestors.

At ItalianSide.com we have many images archived from almost every Italian town and village (more than 90%!).

Many friends with Italian roots visiting us here in Italy asked if it was possible to enlarge images where they saw “someone” they thought they knew.
Others from abroad asked a vintage image of their ancestral village to feel closer to their origins.
An old picture allows you to travel back in time with your imagination.

We are working to put online our photos archives or a part of them.
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if you want you can send an email to oldpictures@italianside.com asking info about photos of your town.


6 Messages to “Old Pictures”
  1. Jeannette says:

    I have a few pictures of my husband’s family in Partanna, Sicily. Some of the were in bad shape so I photoshopped the and they are now in fairly good condition. The pictures of of my husband and his brother as toddlers, his parents, aunt and neighbors in Partanna! If you are interested I can scan them here?

  2. Patricia says:

    What an amazing web site you have!
    I will be visiting Palermo, Sicily in June 2016, interested in photos of my grand, & great grands home town Bisaquino –
    Vincent’s’ Magro & wife Gisseppi & son, Mariano Magro lived at #4 Santa Lucia Street in Bisaquino, Sicily
    I am searching for photos of this area, markets, churches, etc. from 1888-current.
    I am trying to locate the church my papa was baptized in. Jake Magro was baptized On March 27,1888 in the town of BISAQUINO, by Nicolari Sabatino (seeking name of church).
    I thank you for your kind assistance.

  3. Connie says:

    My husband and I were in Gambatesa in September and I would love to find a picture of the town crest. Can you help me ?

    thank you

  4. Cinzia says:

    Hello, I live in Cassino near Rome in Italy. I’ve just discovered this beautiful web site and I’d like receive some old pictures about my parent’s villages called Sant’Andrea del Garigliano and Sant’Apollinare in province of Frosinine. I collect old pictures aboyt my family and places in Italy. Thanks you in advance of time. Bye…

  5. Liz says:

    My great grandfather lived next door to San Bartholemeo in Galdo. Urbanas Ziccardi a physician. Any photos or info?

    With great appreciation,


  6. Anthony says:

    I was wondering if you have any pictures of casola di napoli thank you

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