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Would you like to buy a house in Bojano ?
Molise offers a wide range attractions: nature, arts, monuments, food mixed together with its rich historical, cultural and ethnical heritage.
Buying a house in Bojano, you will have the possibility to discover Molise and to live surrounded by nature and history!

This is a sample of investment opportunities in Campobasso province and Homes for Sale in Bojano.

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Page updated at 2015-01-15

Samples from
Bojano (and surroundings)

Region: Molise
Province: Campobasso
Town: Bojano

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2 Messages to “Properties and homes for sale in Bojano”
  1. Frank says:

    Hi, wanted to inquire about properties in Bojano, like the location and I am looking for a property around the15,000 to 30,000 euro.

  2. sarah says:


    We are a young couple looking to buy a cheaper end property – in Molise. We like the idea of Molise (especially proximity to a train to Rome and also the Roman ruins history etc). Bojano looks great and we have heard it has a nice market for food, another consideration!

    Our ideal property would be in a habitable condition however we would be happy to do work on the inside. Ideally it would detached with some land olive trees, fruits trees). A barn or ancillary unfinished (i.e. tumbledown) property would be fantastic to create future accommodation. It would also be a project for us to complete. We would ideally like to be reasonably lose to a small town or village (walk or bike).

    The area is not of great importance as we think most places are nice ! However on previous trips we have found ourself liking properties with reasonable proximity to a fast road to the coast.

    I wondered if you had anything available in the 15,000 – 50,000 euro bracket and whether you could advise us on nice areas / villages to begin our search. Any potential ‘good investment’ areas etc.

    We would be coming to visit properties in late August.

    Kind regards, Sarah

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