Provinces of Molise
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Provincia di Campobasso Provincia di Isernia


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  1. Kathi Scioli Leale says:

    I am trying to find my fathers family. Felice Scioli is my father. He was born in Cantalupo, Italy on October 6, 1909. His father is Alfonso Scioli who was married to his 2nd cousin Cristina Scioli. Alfonso came to America in early 1909 an Cristina, Felice along with Ma. Assunta Scioli, Agostino Scioli, Antonia Scioli, Nicola Scioli, and Ma. Carmina Scioli came in January of 1911. I am not sure how these people are related but I figure they must be related since they all came from Cantalupo, Italy.
    So who ever reads this could give me any guidance I would greatly appreciate it!

    Kathi Scioli Leale

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