Discovering Matera

A new beautiful video about Matera and its old side the “Sassi” which the UNESCO has recognized as “humanity’s patrimony to hand down to future generations”. The town rises on a characteristic landscape of a deep ravine with overhanging rocks under which the Gravina stream flows. Matera: a wonderful place to visit! For any further [...]

Viva la mamma !

Mother’s day is coming and we found this lovely Italian song: “VIVA LA MAMMA!” This version is performed by “Neri per Caso” an Italian band from Salerno who sing a cappella, without the aid of instruments. Dedicated to all the moms and grandmas of the world ! Viva le mamme e le nonne ! Enjoy [...]

Learning “Italian body language”

After our post about italian gestures, we found another funny video from England. These two British men are traveling to Italy and they are reading a book about “Italian body language”. We love it ! It’s very funny !

The force of memory

This video is named “Terra del vento” (Land of wind): it’s about the sad fate of a small Italian village. Yesterday a place full of life, now only a land of wind. A history of centuries now likely to be irretrievably lost. Our ancestors leaving their village used to say: “Gente del paese mio, statevi [...]

Holy Week in Italy: the Procession of the Mysteries in Taranto

Ancient rites during Holy Week in Italy dates back to Spanish domination. In many towns of Southern Italy sombre and solemn religious processions are held on the Thursday, Friday or Saturday before Easter. This video is about one of the most renowned: “the procession of the Mysteries” from Taranto in Puglia region. The streets are [...]

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