The Voice of Italy – Suor Cristina wins again!

Tonight for the second time Suor Cristina was on the stage at the “Voice of Italy” talent show. Now…try to guess what song a nun will sing….I bet that no one of you will give the right answer. This time for “the battle” the nun sang “girls just want to have fun” a hit of [...]

The Voice of Italy …. is a nun ?

Last night, on the Italian TV RAI 2, there was the second episode of the talent show named “The Voice of Italy”. It’s the same TV format of the US edition “The Voice”. In this Italian edition, the four coaches are four famous Italian singers: Noemi, Pierò Pelù, J-AX and Raffaella Carrà This episode was [...]

“Sicilian Space Program” launched a Cannolo in the Space!

The “Cannolo” , the typical pastry of Sicily, was sent in the stratosphere in an experiment made by a group of young sicilians with a great sense of humour. These young guys acted as real spacecraft engineers of the homemade “Sicilian Space Program” and built a ‘Cannolo Transporter’ equipped with a GPS tracker and an [...]

July 11, 1982: do you remember ?

July 11, 1982: 30 years ago. Italy won the 1982 FIFA World Cup in Madrid by beating Germany (West Germany) 3–1. It was our third world cup win after a long wait from the second title back in 1938. To remember that day, we chose this video with the most memorable goal celebrations ever of [...]

High five in Pisa

Have you ever been in Pisa ? In Piazza dei Miracoli, you will find thousand of people taking the classical picture with their hands holding up the leaning tower. They try to use the power of perspective to make it look like they are holding the tower up. In this video you will see a [...]

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