WHAT: A journey by foot, from the Tyrrhenian to the Ionian sea, enclosed in a documentary: the discovery of Basilicata through the eyes of those who see it for the first time and the words of those who live there. Eight stages, enclosed in a story about hatred and love, stirring the astonishment of those […]

Matera’s Culture Comes in Many Forms (part II)

ItalianSide for Matera 2019 Matera’s Culture Comes in Many Forms Part II by Mark Russell Part I is here Descending into the Sassi, visitors can spend countless hours exploring the rich architectural heritage of this stony labyrinth. The sophisticated residential structures of the Sasso Barisano, some dating to the Renaissance and still bearing architectural decoration […]

The “With Bone” (Brave) Young

We received this article from our reader Gerri Baluch and we gladly publish it Third edition of the National Day “Ehi tu! Hai midollo?” that involves doctors, volunteers and hospital clowns in the Italian squares is back on september 28. The target is: new bone marrow young donors recruitment Year after year, the national event […]

Deep fried mozzarella sandwich ( mozzarella in carrozza )

In Campania mozzarella is the queen in the kitchen: they know hot to cook it in every way. Deep fried mozzarella sandwich ( mozzarella in carrozza ) This recipe name is “mozzarella in carrozza”: if we try to translate is something like “mozzarella on the coach”. It’s very easy, I hope you’ll enjoy it !

Magica Puglia

a nice video to present Apulia and its beauty. The “pizzica” music is the background to these wonderful pictures of a land to discover. Puglia: a magical land of an ancient culture

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