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This section is about traditional recipes from Sicily, our wonderful Sicilia ! First recipes are: Pasta alla Norma Sicilian Octopus Stew (Polpo stufato alla Siciliana) but stay tuned, new recipes will come from Sicily in next weeks! So, don’t forget to come back to check for Sicilian news and…. BUON APPETITO A TUTTI !

Sicilian Octopus Stew (Polpo stufato alla Siciliana)

Another quick recipe from Sicily. I’m sure octopus is fantastic, but I envy this guy cooking on the seaside in a wonderful sicilian town…. So pay attention to the recipe and to the delicious octopus but take a little look at the landscape around. And at the end people congratulate the chef with a classic […]

Pasta alla Norma from Sicily

This video recipe comes from BBC. The chef here suggest us how to cook “pasta alla Norma” . This pasta takes his name from Bellini’s Opera “Norma”. Bellini was Sicilian so his famous opera named this famous pasta. Video is very short give a good idea of how good can be this Pasta siciliana […]

Sicilia 365 days a year

Year 2011 video for Sicily. A wonderful region for a wonderful trip

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