“Sicilian Space Program” launched a Cannolo in the Space!

The “Cannolo” , the typical pastry of Sicily, was sent in the stratosphere in an experiment made by a group of young sicilians with a great sense of humour. These young guys acted as real spacecraft engineers of the homemade “Sicilian Space Program” and built a ‘Cannolo Transporter’ equipped with a GPS tracker and an […]

The World Most Beautiful Beach? In Sicilia!

According TripAdvisor, the leading travel website, Spiaggia dei Conigli (Rabbits Beach) in Lampedusa is the World most beautiful beach. The Sicilian beach was crowned by millions of reviews and ratings by international tourists. Lampedusa is an island off the south coast of Sicily. With its white sand and its stunning turquoise water Spiaggia dei Conigli […]

Cannoli from Sicilia: welcome to the heaven !

Here there is a video recipe for one of the most famous sicilian desserts: Cannoli. It’s a real delicacy from this magic island. We suggest you to add some candied orange peel and decorate with crushed pistachio. Try it and…welcome to the heaven..!

Old pictures from Agrigento Province – Sicily

This is a full page of old pictures from Sicily. This selection is from all the towns in Agrigento province. We have many images from almost every town in Italy and periodically we will change them in our pages. Some of these photos are very old. Sometimes you will see panoramas, sometimes streets, sometimes scenes […]

Italian old proverbs: centuries of wisdom

Proverbs in Italy are the wisdom of the common people. Our grandma and grandpa used these sayings to help us to understand things as their grandparents did with them. Proverbs have been handed down over centuries in our culture and in our families: a precious culture passed on to the next generation by sharing with […]

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