Hidden Heritage: Selected Properties in Italy

Hidden Heritage is an ItalianSide.com project devoted to discovering the architectural heritage of small Italian villages In the last years, many buyers invested in the typical mass-tourism Italian towns. “Hidden Heritage” is focused on people interested in the essence of the Italian life, in discovering our roots. The selected properties are located in beautiful small [...]

ValorePaese: Historical Buildings for Tourist Accomodation

“ValorePaese“ is a project for the development and the efficient management of real estate assets owned by the State and local authorities. The project, promoted by the “Agenzia del Demanio” (State Property Agency) in collaboration with Ance and Invitalia, involves unused or under-utilized properties that have strong strategic value. In exchange for a license for [...]

The House, the Stones and the Passion: investing in Matera

Many people know Matera for its typical architecture: the old side of the town (“I Sassi”, in English “The Stones” ) is in the UNESCO world heritage list. Other people know Matera because of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion“.Talking about this lovely town, today we want to present an investment opportunity brought by our estate agency [...]

Falling in love for the Italian lifestyle (and investing in wonderful properties)

San Mauro Forte, in Basilicata, is the town of “campanacci” (cowbells) and ancient palaces. There are many baronial palaces: historical buildings, located in the old side of the town and today uninhabited. Also because of the very low market price, these buildings are causing the interest of people even  from outside Italy. The palace “Magnante”, [...]

Buying properties in the land of your ancestors

Recently the Financial Times featured an article on the  great business opportunities in the Basilicata region for all those wishing to invest in real estate. “Basilicata’s low profile makes it appealing for anyone searching for rural Italy’s most cherished qualities: unspoilt countryside, ancient ruins, medieval towns, vineyards, a crystalline sea, mountains and an enviable cuisine.” [...]