Another “Back to your Roots” Tour, Another Happy Friend of ItalianSide

An Ancestry tour sheds light on Maryann’s family I decided I wanted to visit the little town where my maternal grandparents came from. I knew a little and had some nearly 100 year old documents. I was having difficulty trying to trace anything and I came upon This site is chock full of information […]

Castel del Monte, a Jewel in the Apulian Countryside

Castel del Monte (13th century) situated in the Apulia region, situated on a small hill close to Andria and Corato, near to Bari. It’s a gothic structure even if there are recognizable architectural aspects indicating a fusion of cultural elements from Northern Europe, from the Muslim world and classic antiquity. The Castle is a unique […]

Pietro Mennea: “la Freccia del Sud” Died Today in Rome

Pietro Mennea, the world recordman on 200 m , died today in Rome at age 61. Mennea was born in 1952 in Barletta (Puglia) During 1979 Pietro broke the word record with his incredible winning time of 19.72 . The record held out for seventeen years and was beaten only in 1996 by Michael Johnson […]

Discovering Puglia: on the Footsteps of Your Ancestors

A journey in Puglia, the heel of Italy. This sample tour is tailored for ItalianSide by our local tour operator partner: you have the opportunity to stay in your ancestors’ village and to visit Puglia at the same time. The program is illustrative: the exact sequence of days may be different depending on the geographic […]

Notte della Taranta: Puglia is ready to dance!

At the end of summer Salento peninsula (in Apulia region) celebrates the “Notte della Taranta” (Taranta night) with musical events regarding traditional dances as tarantella and pizzica. Both dances comes from ancient Greeks when they settled in Southern Italy. Tarantella takes the name from a type of spider called “tarantula”. During the harvest sometimes a […]

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