Old Pictures of Calabria

In our archive you can find a part of our collection of old photos from almost every town in Italy(We have more than 90% of Italian towns in our pictures archives!). We have many pictures from Calabria too. To see them you could search for your town of Calabria and then select the old pictures […]

Old pictures of Abruzzo

In this section you will find postcards and photos related to all the towns of Abruzzo Click on the province postcard to see the pictures of the towns. Pictures of L’Aquila Province Pictures of Pescara Province Pictures of Chieti Province Pictures of Teramo Province Here you will find a set of antique prints of costumes […]

Images from the past

Old photos help us to travel back in time. You can see place, squares, streets, people as they were: everyday’s life in a snapshot Everyone keep somewhere old pictures to remember moments and loved ones, a treasure of memories. Everyone lost many photos in times. Fortunately there are those who patiently collected over decades photos […]

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