Italy – The Extraordinary Commonplace

We all know the stereotypes that have come to shape the world’s view of Italy—the Latin lovers, the pizza makers, the Italian devotion to ‘la dolce vita’, etc. In this short video advertising Expo 2015 in Milan, the Italian Ministry and ICE (the Italian Trade Commission) show us another side of Italy and her people. […]

Pietro Mennea: “la Freccia del Sud” Died Today in Rome

Pietro Mennea, the world recordman on 200 m , died today in Rome at age 61. Mennea was born in 1952 in Barletta (Puglia) During 1979 Pietro broke the word record with his incredible winning time of 19.72 . The record held out for seventeen years and was beaten only in 1996 by Michael Johnson […]

The New ItalianSide Community: World-Wide Italian Roots!

Many of you have asked for information regarding your ancestors and their hometowns. We felt the best way to meet your needs was to create a community where all our readers can share information. Come join the ITALIANSIDE COMMUNITY and share our passion for Italy. Explore your ancestors’ home towns, surnames, dual citizenship and genealogy. […]

The World of ItalianSide or the Italian Side of the World (january-february 2012)

Is there a place in the world where there are not Italians? And is there a place in the world where people with Italian origin forgot their “Italian Side”? This is the second survey on visitors statistics. After the first survey (you can read it here) we checked again in the first two months […]