Database of Italian Surnames

Our Italian Surnames Database is online. You can search for your Italian Surname in our Database. Currently there are around 100.000 Italian Surnames. (and it’s growing !) We will try to update it constantly. You can find our database HERE If your surname is in our database, you will be able to see where in […]

Part 5-6 of the Italian migration documentary

Parts 5 and 6 of the Italian TV documentary about Italian migration in the world (previous parts are here) This is our tribute to all those who left Italy but did never forget their italian roots. part 5 is here: part 6 Next and last parts will be available on in next days.

Jillian and her Italian Side

We received this email from Jillian. We decided to post it, to share with you her happiness of beeing able to find more about her Italian ancestors. Now she is our friend and we are happy with her. Hello, I am writing to let everyone know how great is. My name is Jillian. I […]

Italian migration documentary from Italian TV (part 3-4)

Other two parts (3 and 4) of the Italian TV documentary about Italian migration in the world (previous parts here) In the 150th anniversary of the Italian unification, this is our tribute to all those who have left Italy but have not forgotten their roots. part 3 is here: part 4 Next parts will be […]

Italian migration: an award winning documentary from Italian TV (part 1-2)

Here are the first two parts of an Italian documentary about Italians in the world. (Next parts are here ). It’s from Italian TV and it’s subtitled in English for easier understanding. This film was honored with presigious awards in Italy (as “Premio Flaiano”). It traces the history of Italian migration with many vintage movies, […]

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