The force of memory

This video is named “Terra del vento” (Land of wind): it’s about the sad fate of a small Italian village. Yesterday a place full of life, now only a land of wind. A history of centuries now likely to be irretrievably lost. Our ancestors leaving their village used to say: “Gente del paese mio, statevi […]

Finding your Italian town: the Italian towns and cities database

We just added a new feature to The Italian towns and cities database. Even if at we have all the 8100 Italian towns, many of our visitors write us wondering why they can’t find their ancestors’ towns on our Internet site. Reading their requests, we found that in many cases they are not […]

Italian Genealogy: complicated made simple

We just received this email from our friend Kim. Noone could tell before that Kim’s grandfather surname was wrong or misspelled: it seemed a typical Italian surname. But there was a little mistake. With a “no results” from a request to the Italian Municipality (Morolo in Lazio region), everybody could give up. But Kim wanted […]

Part 7-8 of the Italian migration documentary

Last parts (7 and 8 ) of the Italian TV documentary about Italian migration in the world (previous parts begin here) This is our tribute to all those who left Italy but did never forget their italian roots. part 7 is here: last part here:

Database of Italian Surnames

Our Italian Surnames Database is online. You can search for your Italian Surname in our Database. Currently there are around 100.000 Italian Surnames. (and it’s growing !) We will try to update it constantly. You can find our database HERE If your surname is in our database, you will be able to see where in […]

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