Do You Qualify for Italian Citizenship Jure Sanguinis?

First part is here In theory, if you meet the qualifications, you are already an Italian citizen and have been since birth. In the jure sanguinis process, you are not applying for Italian citizenship per se, you are applying for recognition of a citizenship you already have. However, you must submit the required documentation to […]

So You Want to be an Italiano

An Introduction to Dual Citizenship -by Diane Hirsch Back in 1956, the great Neapolitan composer and pianist Renato Carosone made famous the song “Tu Vuò Fa L’Americano” or “So You Want to be an American”. These days, it seems the opposite is true. There are a great number of people, myself included, from America and […]

ItalianSide stories: travel to the roots (part 1)

Everyone has a story: tell us yours! Our Italian Journey Part I by Virginia M. If you never, never go, you’ll never, never know just how beautiful the Italian landscape, Cities, food and people are. And furthermore if you have Italian ancestry, then you must go. I first began looking into my Scottish and […]

The New ItalianSide Community: World-Wide Italian Roots!

Many of you have asked for information regarding your ancestors and their hometowns. We felt the best way to meet your needs was to create a community where all our readers can share information. Come join the ITALIANSIDE COMMUNITY and share our passion for Italy. Explore your ancestors’ home towns, surnames, dual citizenship and genealogy. […]

Old Italian Villages and Towns Database

The Old Italian Towns and Villages database is a new tool from to help you to find the old names of the Italian towns. We receive many e-mails asking help to locate ancestors’ hometowns. We see that in many cases, reading Italian words from manuscripted old documents could be difficult and that people from […]

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