Chiacchiere – Carnival waffles

Another Carnival great classic!!! Chiacchiere are made all over Italy at Carnival time. They are also known as Frappe, but almost each Italian region uses a different name. The recipe is very old and goes back to the Romans. INGREDIENTS For 6 people 1 lb. of white flour 3 eggs 1.8 oz. of melted butter […]

Castagnole – Carnival Fritters

The castagnole are typical Carnival fritters from Romagna. They are very popular in many Italian regions, sometimes they are called with a different name and have some different ingredients. The following recipe is from Rome and Lazio Region. INGREDIENTS: For 6-8 people 1.30 pounds of white flour 6 tablespoons of sugar 4 tablespoons of Italian […]

A New Year’s Eve recipe from Italy: sausages with lentils

Sausages and lentils (“Salsiccia e lenticchie”) is a very traditional dish for the New Year’s Eve; it’s actually a “must” on all the Italian tables. It’s usually eaten at the end of the long dinner celebrating the farewell to the old year and the welcome to the new one. It’s said that eating lentils the […]

Christmas cookies

Ingredients for 6-8 people 1 pound of white flour 4 tablespoons of sugar 3 eggs 100 gr of melted butter 3 teaspoons of baking powder 1 gr of vanilla Directions: Put the flour on a wooden table and make a whole in it. Add the sugar, then the eggs. Whisk the eggs a little then […]

Cartellate – Christmas Fritters

This is a very popular and traditional X-Mas pastry in the Italian Provinces of Basilicata, Puglia and Calabria. There are dozens of different recipes; this one is from my family, on my mother’s side (Lecce, Puglia). Ingredients 2.2 lb. (1 kilogram) of white flour 3 tablespoons of sugar 100 milliliters (3.39 US fluid ounces) of […]

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