Would you Like a Little Grated Wood on your Pasta, Ma’am?

Most of us know that the grated Parmesan cheese sitting on the supermarket shelf or on the table of your local pizzeria is not the stuff that culinary dreams are made of. For grated cheese to be able to sit for months on a store shelf, it must contain preservatives and an anti-clumping agent. Powdered […]

“Biggia-dutz” !

What do you recall about growing up Italian? Share one of your childhood memories with us. Our Grandmas often relied on memory when cooking dishes whose recipes had been handed down for generations. When they couldn’t find exactly what they needed in their adopted country, they made do by substituting one ingredient for another. Recipes […]

Slow Food

Now that the cooler weather is setting in for many of us, my thoughts have turned to comfort food—those hearty soups and stews that simmer for hours and fill our homes with fabulous aromas. Along with some good Italian bread, they are a meal in themselves. If you grew up in an Italian household, you […]

The Sweet Side of St Joseph day: Zeppole !

For St. Joseph there is a traditional Italian recipe: Zeppole. This is a typical pastry from Campania cuisine. Never tasted them ? Well… we suggest yout to try and… you’ll love them! In Italy march 19 is the dad’s day too: we celebrate fathers and this is the perfect recipe for all Italian papas! Viva […]

Salt Cod Spread (Baccalà Mantecato) – Venetian Recipe

A classical recipe from Veneto Region: salt cod spread (baccalà mantecato). The cod fish (baccalà in Italian) is the most typical dish of Venetian tradition: first recipes are from seventeenth century. Buon appetito!

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