Sardinian secrets for a long life

How would you like to live to 100 years old, still vibrant and healthy? Impossible? Not in Sardinia. Just ask the Melis family, who this year was declared the oldest living family in the world. The combined age of the nine siblings is an incredible 818 years! The Melis family is from Perdasdefogu, in the [...]

Art, fashion and Italian creativity

Stefano Ricci, the Italian fashion house, presents its new collection with a tribute to the extraordinary heritage of the most important museum of Italy: Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Through this publication, a fruit of the Florentine brand’s creativity and quality, an excellence of Italian fashion goes in search of its roots; and it finds them, [...]

“Alla salute !” a journey through Italian best regional wines.

Wine (“vino”) in Italy is not just a consumer good, but rather a cultural asset. It’s a companion of our country for thousands of years (Italy’s wine heritage dates back some 4,000 years): a symbol of quality of life and comfort. Multifarious climates and terrains favored vines of many different types and styles in the [...]

Regional typical food: delicacies you can’t miss.

We just added a new section regarding typical products for every Italian Region. (List last update: January 2013) Food in Italy is a true expression of every Region and its culture. Every traditional regional product is made by natural ingredients that you can find only in that region (sometimes only in one town!). Every food [...]

Notte della Taranta: Puglia is ready to dance!

At the end of summer Salento peninsula (in Apulia region) celebrates the “Notte della Taranta” (Taranta night) with musical events regarding traditional dances as tarantella and pizzica. Both dances comes from ancient Greeks when they settled in Southern Italy. Tarantella takes the name from a type of spider called “tarantula”. During the harvest sometimes a [...]

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