Putignano: Puglia enjoys its Carnival !

Each Italian region has its own carnival. Most famous carnival in Puglia (and maybe in Southern Italy) is in Putignano. We found this new video and we liked because it shows the big floats exiting from the sheds in which they were built until the parade. A whole town comes out on the streets to […]

Carnival of Viareggio and its big floats parade

Carnival of Viareggio celebrates 139 years of life. Viareggio (in Tuscany, on the Tyrrhenian sea), durinig Carnival, attracts every year more than one million spectators gathering to attend the magic of the great parade of big floats in papier – maché. Real travelling theatres – the allegorical floats are the product of the Viareggio craftsmen […]

Venice: the mermaid behind the mask

Carnival is coming and Venice Carnival is one of the most famous and ancient carnivals in the world. Venice, “an amphibious city, like mermaids, with an attitude similar to the mermaid: mutable, changing, uncatchable…” Venice plays a timeless seduction game with its mysterious and silent masks of Casanovas and charming courtesans. “Venice: behind the mask” […]

Chiacchiere – Carnival waffles

Another Carnival great classic!!! Chiacchiere are made all over Italy at Carnival time. They are also known as Frappe, but almost each Italian region uses a different name. The recipe is very old and goes back to the Romans. INGREDIENTS For 6 people 1 lb. of white flour 3 eggs 1.8 oz. of melted butter […]

Venice Carnival: where fun meets elegance

It’s Carnival time and many towns in Italy celebrate it. Venice Carnival is without doubt one of the most famous in the world. Venice means art, beauty, culture and elegance but during Carnival you can feel even more the magic of this unique city. Carnival is fun and color everywhere: in Venice, the celebration dresses […]

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