Traditional costumes from Calabria

Have you ever thought about how your ancestors were? Most probably you resemble them physically, but certainly they had different habits from yours. Beginning with the way they used to dress: that’s why we thought this picture gallery with some vintage prints depicting people of Abruzzo in their traditional costumes: just to help you to […]

Old Pictures of Calabria

In our archive you can find a part of our collection of old photos from almost every town in Italy(We have more than 90% of Italian towns in our pictures archives!). We have many pictures from Calabria too. To see them you could search for your town of Calabria and then select the old pictures […]

Calabria Traditional recipes – Calabrian Cooking and Food

Let’s start this section of traditional recipes from Calabria. And what a wonderful way to start ! Here there are: Tagliatelle con i funghi porcini (Tagliatelle pasta with porcini mushrooms) but stay tuned, new recipes will come from Calabria in next weeks. So, don’t forget to come back to check for Calabrian tasty news and…. […]

Tagliatelle with Porcini Mushrooms from Calabria

Sunday is coming, here a new recipe from Calabria from your Italian tasty side. A perfect Tagliatelle with Porcini Mushrooms: wonderful recipe with hand made pasta too.

Put your heart into it

A videoclip with Rino Gattuso, the Italian football player (and world champion in 2006 with the Italian team). Rino is from Calabria and he’s always very proud of his origins. Here he is in a tourism advertising campaign of his region. His last sentence in this video is: “Are you ready to put your heart […]

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