Introducing Matera

Have you ever been in Matera ? Maybe not. Matera is in Basilicata and the old side of the town, named “Sassi” (Stones) with its houses carved in the rocks, is in the world heritage list of UNESCO. Have you ever heard of Matera? Maybe not. but I am sure that many of you have [...]

Discover the Italian Side of life : a week in Basilicata with us

A sample of our ancestry tours in Basilicata with our selected incoming partner back to Genealogy tours in Italy Duration: 7 Days/6 Nights Closest airport: Bari (54 km from Matera) Day 1- Introducing Basilicata Arrival in Matera and accommodation in the hotel. Light lunch with tasting of local cheeses and salami from the mountains of [...]

Nuts with Pasta an old recipe from Basilicata

And this is an old recipe from Accettura near Matera in Basilicata. It’s “Pasta con le noci”: “Nuts with Pasta”! Hope you will enjoy this video (and the Pasta too!)

Basilicata Traditional recipes – Lucania Cooking and Food

Basilicata cuisine is one of the best in the Italy. Poor but healty, food from Basilicata was famous even during Roman Empire. Did you know that Basilicata is the homeland of sausage ? Yes ! Romans called sausage “Lucanica” (in Latin) : it means “coming from Lucania”. As you know Lucania is the old name [...]

Falling in love for the Italian lifestyle (and investing in wonderful properties)

San Mauro Forte, in Basilicata, is the town of “campanacci” (cowbells) and ancient palaces. There are many baronial palaces: historical buildings, located in the old side of the town and today uninhabited. Also because of the very low market price, these buildings are causing the interest of people even  from outside Italy. The palace “Magnante”, [...]

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