From Australia to Italy: a 9000 mile journey to the roots

We just received this email from Bernadette: she contacted us from Australia to plan her trip to Italy to visit her Italian grandfathers hometown. After she returned home, she wrote us a nice email with some useful suggestions for tourists coming to Italy for genealogy research “Thank you for helping me to arrange my trip […]

Discovering Matera

A new beautiful video about Matera and its old side the “Sassi” which the UNESCO has recognized as “humanity’s patrimony to hand down to future generations”. The town rises on a characteristic landscape of a deep ravine with overhanging rocks under which the Gravina stream flows. Matera: a wonderful place to visit! For any further […]

A must read: Christ Stopped at Eboli by Carlo Levi

If you have any southern Italian roots this book is a “must read”. “Cristo si è fermato ad Eboli”: CHRIST STOPPED AT EBOLI – THE STORY OF A YEAR by CARLO LEVI . The title won’t reel you in. It’s not about Christ, neither about religion. It’s not even about Eboli. It’s about peasants life […]

The House, the Stones and the Passion: investing in Matera

Many people know Matera for its typical architecture: the old side of the town (“I Sassi”, in English “The Stones” ) is in the UNESCO world heritage list. Other people know Matera because of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion“.Talking about this lovely town, today we want to present an investment opportunity brought by our estate agency […]

Basilicata Basilicata and… Basilicata again !

Another new video from Basilicata. This Region worth a visit ! It’s from the Regional initiative “Digital Diary of Basilicata”. 7 young video makers were invited in Basilicata to explore the Region. At the end of their experience, they published their travel diaries in short videos. For today we selected this one: we like it […]

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