“Forza Bill!”

When Bill de Blasio was declared mayor-elect of New York City on Tuesday, there were celebrations in southern Italy. Both Sant’Agata di Goti in Campania and Grassano in Basilicata had been closely following the recent election, for them de Blasio is one of their own. In the town of Sant’Agata di Goti near Naples, where […]

Hidden Heritage: Selected Properties in Italy

Hidden Heritage is an ItalianSide.com project devoted to discovering the architectural heritage of small Italian villages In the last years, many buyers invested in the typical mass-tourism Italian towns. “Hidden Heritage” is focused on people interested in the essence of the Italian life, in discovering our roots. The selected properties are located in beautiful small […]

ItalianSide: An Invitation to (Re)discover Our Roots

ItalianSide was requested to report on its activities during the general assembly of the “Lucani nel mondo” (Basilicata region in the world). The meeting took place on March 8 in Rifreddo near Potenza. The title of our speech was “ItalianSide.com: An Invitation to (Re)discover Our Roots”. In front of an audience of representatives from many […]

Basilicata Award “Lucani Insigni 2013″

The regional government of Basilicata has issued notice for the award “Lucani Insigni 2013″. The region will give the award to four Italian and foreigner individuals, residing in Italy or abroad, who have achieved distinguished merit in the social, scientific, artistic and literary fields or four personalities involved in the diffusion and knowledge of the […]

Time Changes Everything (Almost) – Part II

Everyone has a story: tell us yours! stories@italianside.com Time Changes Everything (Almost) Part II – Matera 2011 by D. Hirsch(Part I is here) Because dreams do not come often to me, I took it as a significant omen that it was time for me to return to Matera when I had three dreams about it […]

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