A Tragic Day in the Memory of Guardiagrele (Chieti)

Guardiagrele is an ancient and charming town in the province of Chieti in Abruzzo, it lays on the foothills of the Maiella mountain range at an elevation of around 576 meters. Its population numbers about 10,000. We want to remember an tragic event that happened exactly 71 years ago during WWII that remained in the […]

ItalianSide 2013 calendars: a preview

Here at ItalianSide.com, we just finished our 2013 Italian regional calendars. A calendar for many Italian region (here you can see a preview of calendar of Abruzzo region). It’s a precious and original Christmas gift for everyone with Italian roots. A good way to remember every day our “bella Italia” and our loved ones. New […]

A book from Abruzzo: Fontamara

Another suggested book from ItalianSide FONTAMARA is a novel about life in the rural Abruzzo region. Ignazio Silone, the author, was born in Pescina (L’Aquila Province) in 1900 and lost many family members, including his mother, in the 1915 Avezzano earthquake. Silone narrates the struggles of the cafoni, the farmers and peasants of his native […]

Old postcards from Abruzzo

We just finished to upload some pictures from Abruzzo. At today there are picture for almost 90% of towns of this region. Other regions will follow in next weeks. have you old pictures from Italian towns ? Would you like to share with people with the same town ? Write us at pictures@italianside.com Click on […]

Almond brittle: a Christmas recipe Italian style

After Struffoli, we selected another famous and traditional recipe for a perfect Italian Christmas. Our NONNA used to cook a wonderful almond brittle…and yes, here there is a video recipe to show you how to prepare! Almond brittle is famous everywhere in Italy so it’s impossible to say from which region is from: it’s a […]

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