Can’t find your surname?

Didn’t find your surname…? Ok but..don’t give up !

If you can’t find your last name in our archive it could be that we didn’t add it yet but we have it, or we misspelled and put it in the wrong place (it happens!) or… simply we never worked with it.

Other common reasons could be:

1) Are you sure you wrote it correctly?
Please note that sometimes Italian Surnames were changed entering in new countries.

2) Is there an apostrophe in your surname ? Try to search without apostrophe
(for example, if your surname is D’Ambrosio, try to search for D Ambrosio)

3) Does your surname begin with ‘De’ or ‘Da’ or ‘Di’ or ‘Lo’ or ‘La’ ? In this case try some different search for example:
‘Demichele’ could be ‘De Michele’ or ‘Di Gennaro’ could be ‘Digennaro’ or ‘Dalessandro’ could be ‘ D’Alessandro’ and so on…


If you can’t find your surname here, don’t give up and join our brand new ItalianSide Community.
It’s free, ask there and you will find someone from Italy who will help you with any Italian surname.

In any case, remember that this database is not the entire archive of Italian surnames: it contains only a part of surnames we have in our records and, most of all it’s not updated daily. (read What this database is)


7 Messages to “Can’t find your surname?”
  1. Ruby says:

    My grandfather immigrated from Italy in the early 1900’s. He used the name Frank Gemmeno after coming through Ellis Island. We think the name may have been changed. We know his mother was Cathlene Christopher (agin not sure of the spelling) and his father was Edward. Frank Gemmeno’s date of birth was June 17, 1879. Our family would like to know more about how to find out about where he actually was from. He resided in Kitts, KY most of his life in the US. His daughters did not know very much other than he said he was from Naples. We are not sure if that was where he was from or where he departed for the US.

  2. richard t dobrowolski says:

    seeking information of a surname that originated in Vico Equence “DeSciose” or “DeScoise” also could be “DiSciose” or “DiScoise”………………….

  3. Tony says:

    Looking for information about my grandfather- Romolo Lardarello possibly born in Rochelle

  4. carlo faiola says:

    I’m looking for my grandfather Filippo Faiola whom left Italy in April of 1920 from frosinone Italia…

  5. Stuart Seville says:

    Our family was told that we came from Genoa. Its possible that they left from Genoa and came from another region.Sebastiano Lorenzo Seville came to the states around 1858 with wife Rosa Monteverde [maiden name] and kids

  6. Domodossola says:

    My last name is Domodossola just like the city trying to figure out how my father got this last name I am Canadian and my brother and I are the only ones with this name maybe we are royalty my father first name Victorio and grandfather Pasquale looking for info and some back round thanks

  7. cambino says:

    My maternal grandfather’s name is Luigi Cambino. He was born in Italy in 1885 and immigrated to the US in early 1900’s. He died in Waterbury Connecticut in 1939. I cannot find his surname in any of the Italian heritage sites. On his death certificate his father’s name is listed as Frank and his mother as Maria Celanti.

    Please help!

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