Can’t find your surname?

Didn’t find your surname…? Ok but..don’t give up !

If you can’t find your last name in our archive it could be that we didn’t add it yet but we have it, or we misspelled and put it in the wrong place (it happens!) or… simply we never worked with it.

Other common reasons could be:

1) Are you sure you wrote it correctly?
Please note that sometimes Italian Surnames were changed entering in new countries.

2) Is there an apostrophe in your surname ? Try to search without apostrophe
(for example, if your surname is D’Ambrosio, try to search for D Ambrosio)

3) Does your surname begin with ‘De’ or ‘Da’ or ‘Di’ or ‘Lo’ or ‘La’ ? In this case try some different search for example:
‘Demichele’ could be ‘De Michele’ or ‘Di Gennaro’ could be ‘Digennaro’ or ‘Dalessandro’ could be ‘ D’Alessandro’ and so on…


In any case, remember that this database is not the entire archive of Italian surnames: it contains only a part of surnames we have in our records and, most of all it’s not updated daily. (read What this database is)