Greetings from old Pertosa

This is an old picture of Pertosa – Campania – Italy.

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  1. William says:

    Grandfather Alessio DeSantis born June 24,1872 in Pertosa,Salerno,Campania. His parents were Gennaro & Vittoria DeSantis from Caggiano,Salerno.
    His first spouse(unknown name)bore two children: John/Giovanni and Anna.
    He migrated to the America & arrived here on June of 1900, status on ship’s register shows is was married,but as far as I know,he arrived here alone without his spouse. Family would like to know what his spouse name was and what became of her!
    Note: John & Anna both have passed during the 1960’s, two surviving daughters from Jihn are still alive to this day. Certain they would be happy to know who their grandmother was.
    I’m John’s nephew, he and my dad were half brother,because Alessio remarried when he came to America and had his second family. Thank you so very much.

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