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If you know (or you think) that your ancestors were from Caiazzo, you could find info about your Italian family at Registrar of Vital Statistics in the City Office or at the parishes.

Registry offices in Campania and in Caserta province were established in early 1800: it means that you could find information in Caiazzo registrar as of that date.

So, if your ancestors were in Caiazzo in the nineteenth or twentieth century, then you could try to contact the City Office of Caiazzo to know more.

Would you like to know if any distant relatives live in Caiazzo?

Check how many people with the same surname live today in Caiazzo


Before to start your genealogy research in Caiazzo, we suggest you to read our tips for your search . They are useful to search in Campania and in Caiazzo too.

In the next picture you can see the demographic trends in Caiazzo from the Italian Unification (1861).

It could be important to know if the last name you are investigating is a frequent surname in Caiazzo. As more your surname is common in Caiazzo, as more it could be difficult to find the right info about your ancestors in Caiazzo archives if you have not exact dates.
It could be useful for you to know that some of the most common surnames in Caserta province are:
Barbato, Colella, Conte, Coppola, Corvino, Crisci, D’Angelo, De Lucia, De Rosa, Di Nuzzo, Diana, Esposito, Fabozzi, Farina, Ferrara, Ferraro, Fusco, Gallo, Guida, Iodice, Izzo, Letizia, Lombardi, Marino, Martino, Mastroianni, Merola, Mottola, Natale, Pagano, Palmieri, Papa, Pascarella, Pellegrino, Piccirillo, Piccolo, Piscitelli, Raucci, Ricciardi, Riccio, Romano, Rossi, Russo, Salzillo, Santoro, Schiavone, Tartaglione, Vitale.

Church archives in Caserta province may instead contain even older information, but they are far less accessible from abroad (and almost impossible by email).
Then,parishes send information not easily.

If you have the opportunity to visit Caiazzo and Caserta province, you could plan to investigate churches’ archives by yourself, but from abroad is very difficult to obtain any result unless you find a reliable local help.

Another important source of information is the “Archivio di Stato” (National archive) in Napoli(Naples).

In any case, never give up! Probably the distance from your country and Italy, some difficulties in understanding and in translation, could complicate your search but this should not discourage you.

It’s important to plan your activities to carry on with simple goals (eg. search for a single date of birth, the name of an ancestor, the date of a marriage, etc.)

If you want to discuss with other people interested in genealogy research in Caiazzo, or if you have questions regarding your family in Caiazzo, just leave a message below

If your research is in a dead end and you need some professional advices from skilled and reliable Italian genealogists write to .
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24 Messages to “Genealogy in Caiazzo”
  1. Barry says:

    I’m looking for records of my grand father Anthony John Grasso. He was born 8/21/1872 in Caiazzo, Caserta, Campania, Italy.

    He may have gone by Antonio John Grasso.
    The last name may have also been De Grassi. Not sure.
    In the US he naturalized as Anthony John Grasso.
    His paperwork in the US also lists different birth dates of:

    Most records show his birth as being 8/21/1872.
    His father was Antonio Da Salvatore Grasso
    His mother was Maria Domenica DeMatteo

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  2. Gayle says:

    Looking for info on paternal grandfather born about 1891 in Caizzo with name of Giovanni DePalma and
    Also maternal grandmother Anna Poplizio.

  3. Frank says:

    I am trying to find information on Luigi Marotta, born in February of 1907 in Caiazzo (Cesarano). His parents were Pietro and Caterina Marotta. Luigi stayed in Italy with a grandmother, possibly Maria Perreta when Caterina left for the US.
    Thank you.

  4. Angela says:

    Searching for my information on my great grandfather Antonio Santabarbera born in Caiazzo July 18,1874 and married Concetta (last name unknown). He immigrated to the U.S. in 1895 and she immigrated in 1902 with their daughter Rose Santabarbera. They lived in Schenectady,NY.
    Any information would be great.

    • Charles says:

      My great grandfather was also named Antonio Santa Barbara. He emigrated from Caizzo in @ 1880 with a son named Pasquale. They ended up in Wilmington, Delaware. We know that he left family behind but not much about them.

  5. Francene says:

    Trying to find info on grandfather Guido Marcello mothers maiden name Vera farina

  6. JoAnn says:

    My grandparents Giovani Mastrioanni( 02/14/1984) and Maria Gracia Pasquariello(07/27/1983) were born in Caiazzo.Is it possible to obtain birth certificates with parents names etc?

    Also I see a person with same name listed in Caiazzo, is there a way to contact them to see if related, email is best

  7. AnnMarie says:

    Searching for information on my grandfather Giovanni Bastista Popolizio born in Caiazzo born 11/24/1887. left Italy for America in 4/15/1907, if there is a birth record? Names of his parents? did he have siblings? Any other information would be gratefully appreciated. He did marry Anna Dandrea. If there is any record of her

  8. Bill Fasula says:

    Hi, I am looking for information on my grandfather, Antonio Fasulo, born February 2, 1974 in Caiazzo. He emigrated to America about 1893.

  9. Linda says:

    Searching for info on siblings of Stefano Gaetano Marcuccio born 3/16/1872 in Caserta, Italy. He married Palma Palladino (born 1870). They came to US on the ship Cachemire through Ellis Island on 9/8/1892. I know that he had an older half brother, Diodato Marcuccio, who was born in Caiazzo in 1854 and married Madelena Ponsillo. Any information regarding other siblings would be appreciated.

  10. Karen says:

    Searching for info Anna Maria Immella(b.1876). We know of 2 sisters, Josephine(b.1881) & Irene(b.1877). They lived in Schenectady,NY & they married 3 brothers. Anna Maria had a son Ernest D’Allessandro, born in Italy & eventually came to America. Parents are Giocorns & Camilla(Audi)Immella. Were there more siblings? Any info would be appreciated.

  11. Theresa says:

    Hello! I am looking for my relatives that currently live in Caiazzo–they are DeMatteos. I can’t find any through this site but I am aware there are several DeMatteos living there. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  12. Tiffani says:

    Looking for any information on my great grandfather Giuseppe Fasulo from Caiazzo. He was married to Michelina and had 4 children with her. Michelina left for New York, United states around 1910 with her children. My grandfather, Michael Fasulo (or Michele fasulo) was born in 1904 in Caiazzo. Apparently, his father, Giuseppe, never joined the family in America. Wondering what became of him. Any information would be great! Thanks

  13. Petey says:

    Hello, Looking for any information about my ancestors. Domenico Cimino (born approx. 1883) was the son of Bartolomeo Cimino and Angela Maria SantaCroce. Domenico came to America in 1905 at age 22 with his mother (Angela Maria SantaCroce, who was then aged 42) on the ship Hamburg to Ellis Island. Bartolomeo was at this time already in New Haven Connecticut. Sometime thereafter, Domenico returned to Italy (Caiazzo) where he married Maddelena Marcucci (born January 14, 1889). Together they returned to America (on the ship Kaiser Auguste Victoria in March 1912) with twin infant daughters. I am looking for any information on Maddelena Marcucci (who were her parents?) or on Bartolomeo Cimino and Angela Maria SantaCroce, all from Caiazzo as far as we know. Thank you.

  14. Phil says:


    I am searching for any history pertaining to my family. My great-grandfathers name was Philip Caiazzo. He had 3 sons: My grandfather, Edward Caiazzo, as well as Samuel and Jerry. My fathers name is Philip.

    My grandfather and brothers grew up in Philadelphia, PA, USA. My family still resides there.

    Anyone with any information please let me know. Thank you,


  15. Michelle says:

    I am searching for birth record for my great grandfather, Pasquale Cimaglia. He was born February 5, 1867 or 1868. He was born in Caiazzo, Caserta, Italy. I have his parents listed as Francesco Cimaglia and Vincenza Milano. Francesco was born 1812 and Vincenza was born 1837. They would have been my 2nd great grandparents. I would also be interested in any information about them as well. Thank you so much!!!!!

  16. Mtchpnt says:

    My family surname was Pullara Caiazza when they lived in Sicily. I have traced my Sicilian family to 1776 and am wondering if the name Caiazza was used because they were from Caiazzo prior to the 1700. Is the surname Pullara from Caiazzo?

  17. Mary Jayne says:

    I am looking for information about my grandfather, Guiseppi Ferrucci born on November 1, 1882. He was born in the city of Caiazzo, state of Caserta. Any information you can share with me would be greatly appreciated.

  18. Michael says:

    I am searching for info on my grandfather Michele DeVito Born 3 July 1882 in Caiazzo, Italy and my great grandfather Raffaele DeVito born between 1850 and 1853 in Caiazzo, Italy.

  19. Shawn says:

    I am looking for information regarding my great grandfather Antonio Iaquessa (Iacuessa) born 1/24/1895 in Caiazzo and my great grandmother Rose Santabarber born 4/21/1896 in Caiazzo. I have traced them to Schenectady, NY but have sketchy details after that.

    Much appreciated.

  20. Paul says:

    My Grandfather was born 3 Jun 1889 in Caiazzo. His father was Nicholas, mother Josephine.
    He took the name James Baptist Nock after arriving in the US. I think his name was Giovanni Battista Nacca who arrived US in 1903.

    Can you search birth records in Caiazzo for 3 Jun 1889 looking for similarities?
    It would be very helpful.

    Thank you,

  21. Robert says:

    Searching for info on Giuseppantonio Della Camera and wife Margherita Bernardo
    Lived in Caiazzo Italy in the early 1800. HAD a son Angelo Born in Caiazzo in
    1853.Married in 1882 to Antonia Civitella in Caiazzo

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