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Are you interested in renting apartments, flats or independent villa in Guardia Sanframondi? Are you looking for a house to rent in Campania?
Here you can find homes for rent in Guardia Sanframondi and in Benevento Province

Listings updated at 2016-09-07

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Some opportunities
in Guardia Sanframondi (and surroundings)

Town: Guardia Sanframondi
Province: Benevento
Regione: Campania



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To rent in Campania Property Listings & Homes for rent in Guardia Sanframondi and in Benevento Province


  1. Valerie says:

    I am interested in renting with the goal of buying a house. I speak a little Italian (sang opera in USA), and have a great love of Italy. I performed on and Italian-crewed cruise ship and found myself enthralled by the people and culture. I have a modest retirement income and would need to only rent a one bedroom at first.

  2. Marcea says:

    Hello. We are interested in seeing listings for rentals in the Guardia area. At least 2br with a modest budget. We would like to rent while we look for a home to buy. So we would also like to see listings for rentals. Thank you so much. Marcea and Mark 🙂

  3. Larry says:

    My wife and I are very interested in renting for a little while and then purchasing. Can you send me some listings for both rentals and purchases? In English please. Regards, Larry

  4. L A says:

    I am retired and interested in buying a home in Guardia Sanframondi area. I would like to rent first to become acquainted with the area. Need a two bedroom, two bath, living and dining, with a good size kitchen. Would like to stay around $700-$800 monthly.

    Thank you

  5. Jeff says:

    Bon giorno,we are interested in a two bedroom house or rental,with back yard. Quiet street.
    Please advise with pictures

  6. John says:

    Looking to rent for a month, 2 bedroom apartment, best weather months, in walking distance to town and base to visit Castelmaro,Capri,Sorrento, Naples, Salerno. Thanks for your help!

  7. Frank says:

    We are looking to buy property in your area,but would first like to rent for a short time to decide on location and the type of home we want to live in. We need 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. Please provide us with a list and the best way to get there from the U.S. Frank DiLenge

  8. Linda says:

    I am interested in bought rentals and real estate.

  9. Roibert says:

    I would be interested in more information on both rentals and sales s for single bedroom homes. This could provide for an extended visit to learn the possibilities for the future.

    Our interest partially comes from the origin of my wife’s grandparents who came from Avellino.

  10. Leonard says:

    My wife and I are both 65 and retired and would like to retire in your town possibly renting can you please send me some info on you properties

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