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If you know (or you think) that your ancestors were from Oppido Mamertina, you could find info about your Italian family at Registrar of Vital Statistics in the City Office or at the parishes.

Registry offices in Calabria and in Reggio Calabria province were established in early 1800: it means that you could find information in Oppido Mamertina registrar as of that date.

So, if your ancestors were in Oppido Mamertina in the nineteenth or twentieth century, then you could try to contact the City Office of Oppido Mamertina to know more.

Would you like to know if any distant relatives live in Oppido Mamertina?

Check how many people with the same surname live today in Oppido Mamertina


Before to start your genealogy research in Oppido Mamertina, we suggest you to read our tips for your search . They are useful to search in Italy and in Oppido Mamertina too.

In the next picture you can see the demographic trends in Oppido Mamertina from the Italian Unification (1861).

It could be important to know if the last name you are investigating is a frequent surname in Oppido Mamertina. As more your surname is common in Oppido Mamertina, as more it could be difficult to find the right info about your ancestors in Oppido Mamertina archives if you have not exact dates.
It could be useful for you to know that some of the most common surnames in Reggio Calabria province are:
Agostino, Albanese, Barbaro, Barreca, Battaglia, Calabrò, Carbone, Caridi, Catalano, Chirico, Commisso, Costantino, Crea, D’Agostino, Ferraro, Foti, Giordano, Iaria, Labate, Laganà, Latella, Lombardo, Longo, Macrì, Malara, Marino, Marra, Martino, Minniti, Modafferi, Morabito, Musolino, Napoli, Neri, Nucera, Panetta, Polimeni, Quattrone, Raso, Romeo, Russo, Scopelliti, Sergi, Siclari, Spanò, Surace, Tripodi, Zappia.

Church archives in Reggio Calabria province may instead contain even older information, but they are far less accessible from abroad (and almost impossible by email).
Then,parishes send information not easily.

If you have the opportunity to visit Oppido Mamertina and Reggio Calabria province, you could plan to investigate churches’ archives by yourself, but from abroad is very difficult to obtain any result unless you find a reliable local help.

Another important source of information is the “Archivio di Stato” (National archive) in Reggio Calabria.

In any case, never give up! Probably the distance from your country and Italy, some difficulties in understanding and in translation, could complicate your search but this should not discourage you.

It’s important to plan your activities to carry on with simple goals (eg. search for a single date of birth, the name of an ancestor, the date of a marriage, etc.)

If you want to discuss with other people interested in genealogy research in Oppido Mamertina, or if you have questions regarding your family in Oppido Mamertina, just leave a message below

If your research is in a dead end and you need some professional advices from skilled and reliable Italian genealogists write to .
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10 Messages to “Genealogy in Oppido Mamertina”
  1. Pina says:

    Looking for any information on carmine callea. Unsure when he was born. He was born in 1890??? He was married to my great grandmother Giuseppa multari. He had 5 children with her; 4 girls and 1 boy. My grandmother was his eldest child. From oppido mamertina, in Reggio Calabria. In 1922, 3 months after the birth of his youngest child (daughter), he left for Montevideo in Uruguay. He never came back. Apparently he remarried there and last correspondence was in roughly 1940’s from a priest/new wife in Montevideo saying his wife had left him, he had suffered a stroke and wanted to return to Italy. The letter was replied by my great aunt (his youngest daughter). She said he was welcome to return to Italy if he wanted to but not welcome in her home as he had abandoned the family so long ago. There was a message not long after saying that he escaped a hospital/mental institution and no longer heard of. After 7 years, he was classified as dead. Body never found according to my great aunt.My great aunt has since passed and I feel there is still many questions as to what happened to him. All his children have since passed. I’m in Australia. Can you direct me where could get further information? Thanks.

  2. Sal says:

    Sto cercando di individuare i parenti che possono ancora vivono nella zona. Mio nonno, Saverio Chirchiglia, è venuto da questa città negli Stati Uniti intorno al 1902. Ho intenzione di visitare ° earea prossimo anno. Se avete informazioni scrivetemi o me raggiungere a FaceBook
    Grazie mille

    • Rita says:

      Ciao Sal
      per favore mi scrive,, ho ancho Saverio Chirchiglia nel mio albero genealogico.
      Hello Sal
      if you would like to write to me, I also Saverio in my family tree.

      I live in Australia
      thank you.

      • Sal says:

        Rita, thank you for your reply. I would love to communicate and perhaps learn more about the possible family ties and history.
        I am in Florida, in the USA and as a child had heard that one of my grandfathers brothers went to Australia.
        Look forward to hearing from you


  3. Carmelina says:

    Scusati anche il mio Italiano Spero che mi potete aiutari. Voglio sapere dettagli dei genitori dei miei nonni – se e possibile, il nome, data di nascita e data di morte.
    La mia nonna si chiamava Carmela Violi – nata 11 Febbraio 1904 e morta 20 Aprile 1991
    Il mio nonno si chiamava Filippo Accurso – nato 14 Dicembre 1897 e morto 21 Dicembre 1983
    Grazie tanto in anticipo.

  4. Sophia says:

    I’m looking for any records that you have on Francesco Oppedisano born in 1875. He’s my great great garndfather and he was gone before any of the living Oppedisanos could meet him.

  5. Carla says:

    I’m researching my mother’s family who come from Oppido Mamertina.
    I was looking for the marraiges dates and parents names of Salvatore and Anna Princi. I think they would have been married around 1890.
    I am also looking for the marraige date and parents names of Rosario and Caterina Musitano. They also may have been married around 1890.
    I look forwArd to hearing from you.
    Thank you

  6. Eileen says:

    Looking for parents of Gracia Evangelista, married to Vincenzo Clemente. And parents of Vincenzo Clemente. They had a child Maria born September 29, 1899 in Oppido.

  7. KALFON says:

    Scusate il mio italiano. Sono francese e sono alla ricerca di informazioni genealogici sui miei antenati originari di Oppido Mamertina:
    Mio padre è Antonin LORIA 22/02/1922 a Oppido Mamertina naturalizzato francese nel 1939.
    – mia nonna è Angela Calabrò nata la 13/03/1896 a Oppido Mamertina e amerò sapere il nome dei suoi genitori e suoi nonni possibilmente, come pure le date.
    – Mio nonno è Antonio LORIA
    Mi occorrerebbe possibilmente la data del loro matrimonio
    Ringraziandovi anticipatamente, li prego di ricevere i miei saluti cordiali
    Marguerite KALFON, nata LORIA

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