Reggio Calabria

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  1. Sharman says:

    I am doing a geneology search of my Italian side of the family. This is what I know:
    My great grandfather was Pasquale Giuseppe Zoccoli born in January 1868 in Cataforia (Rc). He married Giuseppina Gentile in Santa Catarina Ionio in October 12, 1894. They had four children: 1st child: Gracia Elisabetta Zoccoli (Born July 31, 1895-Died Dec.21, 1978) she married Nicola Giannini Jan. 8, 1914. 2nd child: Stefano Natale Zoccoli (Dec 21,1897-1997?)married Maria Immacolata Talotta mAY 24, 1923. They had 2 daughters and 4 sons, 2 of whom became priests. 3rd child Maria Concetta Grazia Zoccoli (my grandmother) (Oct. 3, 1900-March 7, 1979)married Antonio Varano (my grandfather) Oct. 30, 1919. They immigrated to the USA. They had 4 children.
    Antonio Varano’s mother died when he was 12. He had two brothers from this mother(Vincenzo and Francesco?).His father remarried and had several daughters.I believe they were from Reggio Calabria. I am not sure of the mother’s maiden name. I am trying to find any information from the Varano side.
    Pasquale Zoccoli and Giuseppina had another child who died at 14 years old. Maria Assunta Zoccoli born August 22, 1912-died June 12, 1927.
    I am looking for any records from the family

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