Plan your travel to San Giovanni in Fiore

How to get to San Giovanni in Fiore ? Where is the nearest airport ?
What is the best way to get there by road ? And by train ?
Where to sleep ? What not to miss in Calabria ?

….are you planning your visit to San Giovanni in Fiore ?

Many tourists come to Italy, but they are trapped often in the usual tours.
This kind of journey can be good for typical tourists, but it’s not enough for us with an Italian Side.
If San Giovanni in Fiore is your ancestors town, you can’t miss it in your Italian journey!
In Calabria there are so many enchanting places to discover, never included in traditional tourist routes.

Calabria with its great range of attractions offers you an unforgettable experience
Tourists choosing Calabria as their journey destination are for the most part attracted by its 800 km of coasts. Calabrian coasts and beaches, from white sand to cliffs, offers different seaside resort opportunities within few kilometres distance.
But nature in Calabria is generous for the extension of its woods and highlands of its 3 parks (Pollino ,Sila, and Aspromonte) too: they are near the coast, so within a few km drive tourists can reach them from the seashore to have a different holiday.

In cooperation with best regional tour operators, ItalianSide is ready to arrange for you a customized tour tailored to your needs and your desires.
A slow travel, a journey not in a hurry, no bus chase.
Take your time, choose what to see and what to do and define all details with local experts.

Visit San Giovanni in Fiore, stroll through the streets of the old town, discover the most suggestive views, smell flavours , taste good food, meet people, talk with them, listen to their dialect.
If you like, you can complete your tour visiting the main tourist attractions in the province of Cosenza and in the region. With short and not stressful trips , you will have the opportunity to learn more about your ancestors region.

You can get to Calabria by plane or by train: our selected incoming tour operators will welcome you at the airport or at the train station and will take care of you in your journey back to the roots.

See a sample of our genealogy tours in Calabria

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  1. Rosemary says:

    I will probably visit San Giovanni in fiore this year and I am looking for a place to rent with two beds and in town center. Can you help? Please send some info.

    Thanks Rosemary

  2. Mark Smith says:

    I would like more information on the genealogy tours in Calabria.
    My Grandfather Mario Greco was born in Brooklyn while his parents Frank Antonio and Conchetta Greco were visiting relatives. They returned to San Giovanni in Fiore were he was raised. Approx 1912

    Both his parents died when he was young and the children were raised by the nuns.



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