Old pictures of Fuscaldo

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At ItalianSide, we have a big collection of old photos from almost every town in Calabria and in Cosenza Province (We have more than 90% of Italian towns in our pictures archives!).
We have several images of Fuscaldo too and here you can see one of them (click on the picture to enlarge).

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If you are interested in historical maps, check this old map (1800) of Fuscaldo and its area.

If you are interested in this or other pictures of Fuscaldo send an email to fuscaldo@italianside.com, with your request.


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  1. Maria says:

    I am still looking for my family Raffellea Caserta and her brother Metto Caserta lived on Via Santa Lucia (87024) by the Big Clock Tower on the
    Plaza, they come to Fuscaldo very July and stay until August. If any one knows them please give them my address Maria Mazzei/Redden, 1031 Schiff Ave,Cincinnati ohio 45205, Telephone number is (513 921-0245) and to leave message on how I can reach them. with much love to Fuscaldo Italy
    Maria Mazzei/Redden. I need to located them so that I can make my last trip to Fuscaldo with my mother Caterine Caserta Mazzei, brother was Nino Caserta dead around 1995 or 1996. thank you.

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