Greetings from old Soveria Mannelli

This is an old picture of Soveria Mannelli – Calabria – Italy.

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  1. Tonia says:

    Hi there
    My mum and dad were both born in Soveria Mannelli, San Tommasso and would love to see some old and new photos and books regarding this town. My parents names are as follows
    Francesca (Chiodo) Cardamone
    Santo Cardamone
    living now in Melbourne Australia

    • Sally Chiodo says:

      Tonia–My father, Bernardo Chiodo was born in Soveria Mannelli Calabria in 1903 and imagrated to USA . I am trying to locate information about his family. Could your parents be related to him? His mothers name was Serafina Cardamone & his father was Gabriel Chiodo. His nephew Luigi Ranieri imagrated to Australia in the 1950s I believe.

      • Gabriele Emilio says:

        Hi Sally Chiodo
        my grandfather was Gabriele Emilio, born about 1880 in Soveria Mannelli and died about 1924/25. He had 3 sons and 1 daughter. Sons: Luigi, born 1909, Giuseppe 1918,Santo ( my father) 1920 and Daughter Santa 1923 .
        That is all.
        Do you know something better?
        Gabriele Emilio

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