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  1. Sharon says:

    My great Grandmother, Bettina Peta and two of her brothers left Andali, Catanzaro, Calabria, separately, and traveled to the US. New York and surrounding areas. Brother Domenico Sante Peta started out in Utica New York and ended up in Syracuse, New York. Brother Salvatore stayed in the NYC area changed his name to Sol Peters. Bettina Peta was born around 1882 and immigrated in 1905. Parents names are GUISEPPE PETA and FILOMENA PIECO ( don’t know if this is spelled right). I appreciate any assistance anyone could provide.

  2. Cintia says:

    Cerco informazione mi nono Giovanni Valentini certificato di nascita 7/9/1884

  3. Kristi says:

    Searching for birth records of Raffaele Mazzei, born in Sersale, Calabria Italy Sept.8 or 12, 1885. Came to US in 1900 aboard “Hesperia” and settled in Milnesville, PA.


    • Luigi says:

      found a marriage document for

      Francesco Antonio Mazzei (27)
      Father Raffaele
      married 29 Jun 1884 #22
      Concietta Nicolina Manscuzo (20)
      Father Giuseppe Manscuzo
      Mother Ceislia Bianco

      • Kristi says:

        Thank you Luigi. Any information I can get is helpful. There is so little known about the Italian side of my family.

  4. Carolyn says:

    Am searching for information on great grandparents, Rosa Timpathy (born in Lamezia, Calabria date unknown) and/or Joseph Dominick (born 1860)in Calabria. They had a son, Carlo D. Dominick, born 1892 who traveled to USA via ship in 1904 (at age of 12). He traveled with his uncle whose name I do not know. We would love to know anything about them couple, and if they have any descendants still in Calabria, or any area of Italy.
    Carolyn Lehowicz

  5. Amanda says:

    .Hello. I am new on here so I’m asking for help. I am looking for my great grandfather’s records and family. He came to America from Italy on or about May 30, 1906 by boat. His birthday is March 19, 1888 (+/- on the year). His name is Agazio Brescia. His American name is Charles Bush. His father’s name Pasquale Brescia and mother Theresa Brescia. He has a brother name Salvador Brescia and one named Dominique (not sure of the spelling.) and a sister who is deceased (not sure when she passed). We don’t know any birth dates for any of the parents or siblings. That is all we have on him and his family. We can’t seem to find anything before he came to America. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Nikki says:

    My great grandfather is Rosario Mariano. He was born May 11th,1884. His birth record was recorded in Falerna, Italy. He was born as an orphan, however, someone knew his biological father and notified him of the birth of his son. When my Great-grandfather was 15 years old, he left for America and arrived in America on April 25th, 1899, Only 5 days before his 16th birthday. When Rosario was in America, his biological father found him. All I know is that Rosario rejected the relationship. I was told he rejected it because he didn’t trust anyone. Although, there was little hope of discovering my great-grandfather’s indentity, I recently found a legal document that noted Rosario’s biological father’s name–William Gallo. I had only heard that our family may have been related to a Gallo, but now I know my great-great grandfather is William Gallo. I know he was Italian. And I was also told that at some point in time our Gallo family may have lived in Sicily and immigrated north to Calabria, Italy. My great-grandfather Rosario came back to Falerna, Italy and married a woman by the name of Philomena Rosa Ellen(helen)in 1907. They had two children who were born in Southern Italy and in 1911 the four of them immigrated to America. The two children were AnonioI heard she was also an orphan, maybe from the same place my great-grandfather was raised. I am hoping, that maybe someone out there will know my great-grandfather or great-grandmother or may even know my great-great grandfather’s family in Calabria. I would love to finally meet my family and reconnect after 3 generations. The Mariano name was a given name, although, I am not sure who gave it to Rosario. Rosario and Philomena had several children, Antonio(Anthony) born in Italy on Nov. 4th, 1908, Ferdinando(Fred) born in Italy on April 19th, 1910, Francesco(Frank) born in Jacobs Creek, PA on October 26th, 1913, Vinscenco born Sept. 26th, 1914, Icelanda(Evalyn?) born October 15th, 1916, and Giovanni(John, my grandfather) born Feb. 11, 1920. Not sure if this is all of them,but my grandfather was Giovanni(John) Mariano. They were mostly raised in Pennsylvania, where from what I can see, they became a family of miners in Jacobs Creek, PA. Please feel free to contact me if you think you may know my family members. Thanks. 🙂
    Washington, USA

  7. Ernest says:

    Looking for a Pasquale Durante or Duranti not sure of the correct spelling. Just going by the way my Mom pronounced his name she did not know the correct spelling My Mom met him in Stuttgart Germany in 1945, he was working as a Kitchen Helper for the American Army stationed at Kuermaerker Kaserna later became Patch Barricks in Viahingen Stuttgart Germany. He lived in an apartment on Duesseldorfer Strasse which was across the street from my Mom’s parents apartment. My Mom’s name is Ingeborg Boehler. She said he came up from Reggio Calabria and lived on Via Montagnolle. He came up from Italy with the American Army and then left to go back to Italy in 1946. She never heard from him again.

  8. Margaret R says:

    I am searching for my Great Grandparents. My Great Grandfather was Francesco Moia and Gracomina Santora. Their US names were Frank Moyer and Minnie Santora. They got married Jan 9, 1892. He was born in Calabria Italy 3/10/1863 and died 2/1/1950. She was born approximately 1878 and died 4/10/1942. They both immigrated to the US about 1888-1891. She may have been from Petina. I would like to get birth certificates on them. I am hoping the information I have is the correct Great Grandparents and seems to be so according to the children born and census’ and where they lived in CT, USA. They came in thru the Port of NY, Ellis Island from stories told. The information I’ve acquired has Domenico Moia as Francesco’s father and Rosaria Russo as his mother. For Gracomina, I have Guiseppe Santora as her father and Philomena Pagano as her mother. Any help locating birth certificates and the correct parents for both would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Margaret USA

  9. Mary says:

    Hello, I would like any information on my 3rd and 2nd great grandparents; all born in Chiaravalle Centrale, Italy
    Joseph Aiello married Mary Barbuto
    their daughter Raffaela Josephine Aiello married Vincenzo “James” Fabiano
    Vincenzo Fabiano’s father was Domenico K Fabiano. Domenico’s other son if Francisco “Frank” Fabiano. I would appreaciate any info

  10. Nancy says:

    Hello my great grandfather was born somewhere in calabria but not absoluty sure.was born in the 1800s. Name is a bit confusing. What I have is Frank Francisco Torcoso, Trocosso, Trocasso. Lived in Ny, Iowa, died in kc mo. Married to Leona Crawford. Family said that she was from Northern Italy. She spoke perfect Italian. Please help me.

  11. Carol says:

    Looking for information for Grandpares, Antonio Felicci, Felice, Carolina Carino. Imm to USA 1903-1907, in Chicago.
    Sun City, Az

  12. Susan says:

    Hello, I’m trying to reach my grandmother’s family – Vincenzo (Vincent) Tallarico. He had two other brothers that I know that came to America – Vita Tallarico and Micheal Tallarico. All in the early 1900’s.

    Vincenzo’s wife, Josebetta (sp?) (I believe her maiden name was Garabaldi from Verzino, Italy) (American Name: Josephine in the US traveled by boat (the Canada) and arrived in the United States in April 1914 with my great Aunt Maria and my grandmother, Elizabetta. They traveled with my great Uncle Vito.

    They came thru Ellis Island, New York. Then lived in Cleveland, Ohio.

    I would love it if anyone might have any information about the Tallarico family. It could also be spelled as Tilrico or Tallerico. Thank you for taking the time to read this message. Grazie, Susan, Hilliard, OH

    • Frankie says:

      Susan, I just found the death certificate for Joseph Ripole who is buried in the Mt. Calvary Cemetery, here in Salt Lake City Utah. He was born about 1857 in Spezzano Piccolo, Italy. He died 3 Feb 1922. Perhaps by coincidence, his wife, Vincenza Talorico Ripole might be related to your Vincenzo Tallarico since Vincenza could have been named after her father Vincenzo. The last name is spelled differently.

      My grandmother, Rosa Bafaro Pellegrino was married to Giorgio (George) Pellegrino and they are buried in the Mt. Calvary Cemetery not far from Joseph Ripole. Rosa and George came from Reggio Calabria and were from the city of Spezzano Piccolo. Joseph’s father and son were both named Pasquale Ripole-

      I have postcards from my Grandmother that are signed by the Ripoli’s from Spezzano Piccolo. I have been trying to find out more about Vincenza Talarico as I piece together my genealogy and their relationship to Joseph Ripole (On the headstone I think it’s spelled, Ripoli).

      In Friendship,
      Frankie Pellegrino Holt

  13. Anthony says:

    Does anyone have any information on Mauricio Fera? He was born in the Catanzaro Province of Calabria in 1871. My family knows what province but the town is not known. His wife’s name was Catherine Brizzi from the same place.

  14. Donna says:

    Hello —

    We are trying to locate the family of Antone and Rosa Bruno Zicarelli (Zaccarello in the USA). Their son, Francesco (Frank) and his wife Mary Fata Zicarelli had three children born in Italy– Jess (Fortunato) – born August 10, 1894, Mike (Michele) – born February 14, 1896 and Rose – born February 22, 1904. They had two children born in Kansas, USA — James and Kathryn.
    Another son, Fred (Fortunato) and his wife Marie Bruno also came to Cherokee County, Kansas USA. Fred and Francesco came together in 1902.

    Antone and Mary had 3 children that we know of (the two boys listed above)– Francesco – born 1874, Fortunato (Fred) – born 1880 and Mary Viola – born about 1873. Mary was married to an Antone Viola and had a daughter Susan and a son James. It is believed that Antone and Mary Viola moved back to Italy after 1915 from Crawford/Cherokee County, Kansas

    On the passenger list for Jess (listed above)it listed an aunt — Teresa Gaglcardi.
    Any help on locating more information for these “relatives” would be greatly appreciated.
    Jim Zaccarello (grandson of James, Sr.) and Donna Dilts, a friend, helping the Zaccarello family find their relatives. (Jim’s Dad, James Jr., was wanting to come to Italy to do this research, but his health failed and he passed away before he could make that happen. So this research is being done in his memory.)

    • Jolene says:

      Jim. I re-read this. I was mistaken about who is who, so disregard my first reply.

      Yes, Antone & Rosa Bruno had two boys. Francesco (Frank) & Fortunato (Fred). The daughter was news to me! I know that my grandmother had a sister who married and lived in the Mulberry KS area but they never saw one another and I do not know her name.

      Francesco was married and older than Fortunato, (Fred) according to the 1902 ship manifest, my grandfather (Fortunato) age 22, was single when he came over with Francesco (Frank). He had to have gone back to get my grandmother Maria (Mary) Bruno. But another twist to this is that my grandmother said her brothers all lived in Argentina. We have some photos of them but they are not in my possession. There is no record at Ellis island of my grandmother coming through that port.

      My grandmother always said she was from Genoa. My mother thought she was southern Italian & not northern as she was dark complexion and brown eyes. My grandfather had blue eyes and was fair complexion. There was a small village by the name of Zacarello near the French border….the Riveria. It is now called Zuccarello.

      Good luck on figuring this all out. It has driven me a bit nuts looking for them in Italy but there are many Zaccarello/Zacarello/Zicarelli,,etc. I don’t have a clue where they even made their home.


  15. Leann says:

    I am trying to search for the town of Aquilla in Calabria. My great Grandfather’s name esd Vincenzo Rocco born June 1.1879 . The name of this town was listed on a 1920 US Census from Vineland NJ. I am certain that he was from Calabria because my grandfather(my father’s father) always told us this. As I have searched through passenger lists of ships he came to America on, there were a few which indeed indicate by the manifest that Reggio Calabria may have been a sysrting poiny,rven though Napled id where many of the ships departed from. I also know his wife’s name was Sngiolina by the cemetery headstone here in NJ. However,on Vincenzo Rocco’s draft reg card it lists his wife as Julia Rocco. Is there a way to find out if she came to America with him or at an earlier or later date.There is very little record of her and I am still determining the spelling of her maiden name. It is either Lauriela or Lawrella not sure. Is there a marriage license, birth record, or something I can trace to her or my great grandfather? I would also like to know about Vincenzo’s parents and any documentation there may be in Calabria for them. Iam 54 years old, my father is 75 and for all of our lives there was very little if anything known of my grandfather’s parents because my grandfather always told us that his parents died when he was a child and that he raised his 2 brothers Joe and Tony. There was an older brother Frank. A sister Lillian which is not listed in any of the censuses here which I can find yet there is a headstone for her and my father recalls his father mentioning a sister. Please help me to piece my father’s family puzzle together. It is something that I have wanted to do for my father for a long time.
    Vineland NJ USA

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