Provinces of Calabria
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Reggio Calabria

Vibo Valentia

Provincia di Catanzaro Provincia di Cosenza Provincia di Crotone Prov. di Reggio Calabria Prov. di Vibo Valentia


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  1. Leann says:

    I am trying to search for the town of Aquilla in Calabria. My great Grandfather’s name esd Vincenzo Rocco born June 1.1879 . The name of this town was listed on a 1920 US Census from Vineland NJ. I am certain that he was from Calabria because my grandfather(my father’s father) always told us this. As I have searched through passenger lists of ships he came to America on, there were a few which indeed indicate by the manifest that Reggio Calabria may have been a sysrting poiny,rven though Napled id where many of the ships departed from. I also know his wife’s name was Sngiolina by the cemetery headstone here in NJ. However,on Vincenzo Rocco’s draft reg card it lists his wife as Julia Rocco. Is there a way to find out if she came to America with him or at an earlier or later date.There is very little record of her and I am still determining the spelling of her maiden name. It is either Lauriela or Lawrella not sure. Is there a marriage license, birth record, or something I can trace to her or my great grandfather? I would also like to know about Vincenzo’s parents and any documentation there may be in Calabria for them. Iam 54 years old, my father is 75 and for all of our lives there was very little if anything known of my grandfather’s parents because my grandfather always told us that his parents died when he was a child and that he raised his 2 brothers Joe and Tony. There was an older brother Frank. A sister Lillian which is not listed in any of the censuses here which I can find yet there is a headstone for her and my father recalls his father mentioning a sister. Please help me to piece my father’s family puzzle together. It is something that I have wanted to do for my father for a long time.
    Vineland NJ USA

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