Calabria Railways Lines

If you plan to visit Calabria by train, here there are the railway lines of Calabria.
Remember that it could be not easy to find public connections from/to small towns.

• Tyrrhenian railway line:
from Reggio Calabria towards Naples (through Gioia Tauro, Vibo, Lametia and Paola).

• Ionic railway line:
from Reggio Calabria towards Taranto through Roccella, Catanzaro, Crotone, Sibari).
• Marine railway line Villa San Giovanni – Messina
• Tyrrhenian railway line Rosarno– Tropea – Lametia Terme
• Railway line Lametia Terme – Settingiano – Catanzaro
• Railway line Paola – Cosenza
• Railway line Castiglione Cosentino
• Sybaris

This railway line goes through pleasant sites of the Sila Altopiano and of the Pre-Sila and many other centres
which are very interesting from an historical, cultural, handcrafts, touristic point of view.
The railway lines in the provinces of Catanzaro and Cosenza are:
• Cosenza – Catanzaro Lido;
• Cosenza – San Giovanni in fiore;

and in the province of Reggio Calabria:
• Gioa Tauro – Cinquefrondi
• Gioia Tauro – Palmi.

(info: Calabria tourism board)


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