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This is a sample of investment opportunities in Potenza province and Homes for Sale in Trivigno.
Page updated at 2015-01-15
Basilicata is one of the lesser known regions in Italy, a land to discover with its many fascinating places as Matera, Maratea, Venosa, Melfi, Metaponto, Pietrapertosa and many others.
White sand beaches, mountains, forests, green pastures…landscape always changes in Basilicata.
Buying a house, a villa or a masseria in Trivigno, you will have the possibility to discover Basilicata day by day.

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Trivigno (and surroundings)

Region: Basilicata
Province: Potenza
Town: Trivigno

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  1. Alicia says:

    I LOVE everything Italian !! I imagine most people want a villa. I don’t, I want my space to be in a medieval town. I want curved ceilings, fireplaces, terraces, flowers. 2 bedrooms, 1 bath with terraces. I want to walk to town and go to the market. I grew up in Latin America so I speak Spanish fluently which helps understanding Italian. Are these types of properties available ? Let me know ?


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