Potenza and its Province in the World!

Is it possible to know where descendants of Lucani emigrated from Potenza Province are today?
After 150 years of emigration from Basilicata, the answer is quite difficult.
At ItalianSide, working with statistical data about our readers, we tried to help to solve this problem.
We started from this point: if someone comes to our Internet Site looking for info about an Italian town, a village, family, genealogy, ancestry tours or tradition, it is because he is connected in some way with that town! Every month on ItalianSide.com we receive thousands of requests coming from all over the world, seeking info about these subjects in Basilicata.
Of course this is only an attempt to map where Lucani from Potenza are today:our experiment has no scientific foundation but it’s an empirical proof about the spread of Lucani in the world.
Would you like to see the map of the readers of ItalianSide.com interested in Potenza Province? (it will be….surprising for you!)

Click here to see the map of Lucani in the World coming from Potenza Province!

Some useful info:
1) Please remember that it could take some seconds before markers are shown on the map (thousand of markers are plotted in real time!)
2) Map is updated daily: now it shows statistics from July 1, 2013 to yesterday.
3) At the moment the map shows only last 10000 entries in our statistics.
4) Only one marker is shown for each town in case more Lucani are in the same town.

If you want to see the map of Lucani in the world (all the provinces of Basilicata!) click here

For further information about this, please write us at info@italianside.com.


  1. david palermo says:

    Ciao, mi chiamo David Palermo e vengo da Pennsylvania, USA. Ho trovato il tuo nome on-line come viventi nei pressi di Ruoti, Italia.
    Ho fatto ricerche sulla mia famiglia e i miei nonni grande grande grande venire da Ruoti! Sto sperando che siamo imparentati.
    Il mio grande grande grande grande bisnonno era Giovanni e suo moglie Domenica Auletta mio grande grande bisnonno era Vito Canio Palermo e sua mo Gennara Grieco My grande bisnonno era Giacomo Palermo e sua moglie Domenica Florio
    A:Il mio bisnonno era Jospeh Palermo e sua moglie Angeline Valentino se pensate che siamo imparentati vorrei amore di sentire da voi e spero di visitare l’anno prossimo Ruoti
    Tutti i migliori David

  2. Juan Andres Manson says:

    Estimados, que significan los colores de los puntos en el mapa?


    Juan Andrès Manson

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