Plan Your Trip to San Fele

How to get to San Fele ? from Rome? Where is the nearest airport: Naples or Bari?
What is the best way to get there by road? And by train? Where to rent a car?
Where to sleep ? I have only few days: what not to miss in the area ?

If you are asking yourself these questions then you may want to consider to ask local people to help you in preparing your trip. Everything will be easier!
ItalianSide is based in Basilicata, same region of San Fele.

In cooperation with local tour operators, ItalianSide is ready to prepare for you a customized tour tailored to your needs and your desires.
If San Fele is your ancestors town, you can not miss it in your Italian journey!
A slow travel, a journey not in a hurry, no bus chase.
Take your time, choose what to see and what to do and define all details with local guides ready to help you
Visit your grandparents town, stroll through the streets, take pictures, discover the most suggestive views, smell flavours , taste good food, meet people (distant relatives?), talk with them, listen to the dialect…. in one sentence feel at home in San Fele!

Then remember that in Basilicata there are so many enchanting and unthouched places to discover, rarely included in mass tourist routes.
If you like, you can complete your tour visiting the main tourist attractions in the province of Potenza and in the region. With short and not stressful trips , you will have the opportunity to learn more about your ancestors places.
You can get to Basilicata by plane or train: our selected tour operators will welcome you at the airport or at the train station and will take care of you in your journey back to the roots.

See a sample of our genealogy tours in Basilicata

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For further informations about our suggested tours in San Fele and in Basilicata , write us at

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  1. Julien says:

    Hi…interested in visiting San Fele in July in the most affordable way.

    My ancestors were both paysans from San Fele and Citta di Castello in Umbria.

    Now my family is French and American instead of Italian!

    Please help me connect to my roots.



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