Genealogy in Potenza

If you know (or you think) that your ancestors were from Potenza, you could find info about your Italian family at Registrar of Vital Statistics in the City Office or at the parishes.

Registry offices in Basilicata and in Potenza province were established in early 1800: it means that you could find information in Potenza registrar as of that date.

So, if your ancestors were in Potenza in the nineteenth or twentieth century, then you could try to contact the City Office of Potenza to know more.

Before to start your genealogy research in Potenza, we suggest you to read our tips for your search . They are useful to search in Abruzzo and in Potenza too.

Next picture shows the demographic trends in Potenza from the Italian Unification (1861) an important info to understand how many people lived there in the past.

It could be important to know if the last name you are investigating is a frequent surname in Potenza. As more your surname is common in Potenza, as more it could be difficult to find the right info about your ancestors in Potenza archives if you have not exact dates.
It could be useful for you to know that the most common surnames in Potenza province are:
Albano, Bochicchio, Bruno, Calabrese, Caputo, Carlomagno, Carlucci, Cirigliano, Claps, Colangelo, Conte, Cosentino, Coviello, D’Andrea, De Bonis, De Luca, Ferrara, Fortunato, Genovese, Giordano, Grieco, Ielpo, Labanca, Lauria, Lombardi, Lorusso, Marino, Martino, Mecca, Nigro, Nolè, Pace, Pepe, Potenza, Rinaldi, Romaniello, Romano, Rosa, Russo, Sabia, Santarsiero, Santoro, Scavone, Sileo, Summa, Telesca, Vaccaro, Zaccagnino.

Church archives in Potenza province may instead contain even older information, but they are far less accessible from abroad (and almost impossible by email).
Then,parishes send information not easily.

If you have the opportunity to visit Potenza and Potenza province, you could plan to investigate churches’ archives by yourself, but from abroad is very difficult to obtain any result unless you find a reliable local help.
For our experience is better to start to search months before your arrival: in this way you will avoid to waste time in the offices and with italian bureaucracy and you will have more free time to visit the town and surroundings on your ancestors footsteps.

Another important source of information is the “Archivio di Stato” (National archive) in Potenza.

In any case, never give up! Probably the distance from your country and Italy, some difficulties in understanding and in translation, could complicate your search but this should not discourage you.

If you want to discuss with other people interested in genealogy research in Potenza, or if you have questions regarding your family in Potenza, just leave a message below in the comment area

If your research is in a dead end and you need professional help from our local Italian genealogists write to our expert in Potenza area will study your request and we will reply to you with a research plan and a quote.


  1. Elizabeth says:

    My great grandfather Marco petruzzi date of birth August 27,1876 his father name was Leonardo petruzzi and my great grandmother Marco s wife name Carerina Carriero born April 7,1882 her mothers name Elizabeth Rosa Mecca all born in Potenza please tell me any information on them. I am at a dead end I am dying to go where my family roots are thank you for your help

  2. Vic says:

    I am attempting to find information on my mother’s side of her Italian family. I am told she was born in the Potenza-Vaglio hills area. Her birth date is in the 1900-1910 decade, probably 1902. Her name is Mary or Maria Gillio Her father’s name is Gerardo Gillio. Her mother’s name is Johanna Gillio; her maiden name was LaSalle. Can anyone provide more information?

  3. Marcos says:

    I need help to locate my Brandi family records in Lauria, Basilicata.
    Francesco Paolo Brandi (born ~1835)
    Maria Raffaela Brandi (born ~1837)
    Giacomo Antonio Brandi (born ~1872)
    Marco Brandi (born ~1875)
    Thanks in advance

  4. Wesley R. Ciampo says:

    I am trying to trace the family of my GreatGrandfather, Vito Michael(Michelle) Ciampo b. circa 1850 in or near the comune of Rapone.
    We are also trying to trace the family of his wife, nee. Rosa Maria Fasciglione
    believed to have been born in the same area around 1853.
    Vito and his son Nicola went to the US in the 1880? and the rest of the family followed in 1895.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Wes Ciampo

  5. SANTORO says:


  6. Debbie says:

    Looking for family that may still be in Viggiano, Italy. My Great-grandparents were Giuseppe Gerardi (b 1821) and Maria Rosa Messina(Gerardi) (b 1825). Their children Michaelangelo Gerardi (b 1865), and daugher (my great grandmother Maria Theresa Gerardi (b1856). All from Viggiano! Is there a cemetary that can be viewed on line? I think my family goes way back all from Viggiano (Messina, Gerardi,Angelino,DeLorenzo,Marsciano, diMarco,Setaro

    I appreciate any assistance!

    Thank you..Grazie!


  7. Juan says:

    Hi, I’m trying to get as much information as I can get about my family in Lagonegro, PZ. My grandfather left italy and never went back. He was born Nov 11, 1891 in the comune of Lagonegro. His father was Vincenzo Bianco and his Mother was Agnese Rocco. I would love to get death certificates from both my great grand father and great grand mother but I only have their names.

  8. Savino Pizzi says:

    CIAO looking for a family named PIZZI born about 1880 in Potenza THANK YOU FOR HELP.

  9. Eddy says:

    Thank you for offering this service. I have followed my wife’s maternal family back to Potenza on the Laurita/Albano/Messina/Pontolillo/Balvano/Cresi/Marazano/Aviella/Gallo lines.
    Our biggest question is ‘who was Gerardo (Gernardo) Laurita (b. abt. 1843) married to?’ In 1884, they had a son, Vincenzo. Vincenzo married Raffaela Marzano (b. 8 OCT 1891), of Avigliano.
    Vincenzo Laurita (4 Feb 1843)/Raffaela Marzano (8 Oct 1891) (Married 3 Nov. 1907 Potenza)
    Gerardo (Gernardo) Laurita (b. abt 1843)
    Gerardo’s parents:
    Carmine Antonio Laurita (21 Sep 1795)/Antonia Maria Messina (13 AUG 1796)
    Carmine’s parents:
    Francisco Saverio Laurita (29 OCT 1758)/Angela Pontolillo (1773)
    Francisco’s parents:
    Silvestro Laurita/Teresa Cresei
    Antonia Maria’s parents:
    Severino Messina (1766)/Eufemia Balvano (1776)
    Raffaela Marzano’s parents:
    Francisco Marzano (1868)/Rose Gallo (1870)
    Francisco’s Parents:
    Vincent Marzano/Raffaella
    Rose Gallo’s parents:
    Anthony Gallo/Joanna Aviella.
    Please let us know if you can confirm any of the information above, or let me know if you have corrections or additions.
    Thanks so much.

  10. P CORBISIERO says:

    My grandmother’s maiden name is either Laurite or Lauritz. She came from Potenza,,Basilicata.

    Her first name is either Angela or Angelina.

    • Crystal says:

      I am looking for information on my ancestor Anna Massini (not 100% sure of the spelling) born July 6th, 1939 and born in the Basilicata Region, Italy. This is per her grave marker located in San Francisco, CA. She married a Carlo Leone, date unknown, and they had 4 children. Antonio (1856-1939), Nicholas( 1857-1906), Guiseppe (1864-1895) and Giovanni (1867-1952).

      Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    • Eddy says:

      My wife’s great, great aunt was Angela Maria Laurita, born 1919 in Potenza. It seems almost all of the Lauritas in the world are from Potenza.

  11. Barbara says:

    I have been looking for the birth certificate of my grandfather Francisco Contrestano born March 1869 in potenza. His father Raphiel Contrestano and mother Gerarda Santangelo. I am also looking for their marriage certificate.
    I appreciate any help you can give me.

  12. Joe says:

    I’ve been looking for my grandfather’s birth record, 1869 in Potenza. I found his parent’s marriage record and his brother’s birth record 1863. However, I can’t find any birth records in Potenza after 1865. Do birth records exist after that date?

    Thank you,

  13. Maria M. says:

    Re. Surname Benallo. Looking for confirmation Benallos are originally from this region and Benallos in Colorado. Thank you.

  14. Boni says:

    I have been searching for my great grandmother, Lucia Dolce, for many years. I know that she arrived at the railway station in Denver Colorado on November 5, 1899 and was married that same day to Guiseppe Capoluongo. I can find nothing about her before that date. I was told that Guiseppe arrived in the US in 1893 and sent for a wife after that. I was also told that he was from Potenza and that Lucia was found in a neighboring town. On her death certificate her parents are listed as Bonaventura Route(?) and Guiseppina Brindisi. I found a marriage certificate for Bonaventura Dolce and Guiseppina Brindisi but no birth record for Lucia. I believe she was born in December 1883. I have searched thru many records in many towns and have not found any information and I am hoping someone can help me. Thank you in advance, Boni Teti

  15. Olavo Aguiar says:

    Sorry previously I had the wrong name.
    Her name is Rosa di Tomaso ( Maria Antonia ). Born in Rotonda, Basilicata April 20 1844.
    Father: Antonio di Tomaso born February 23 1813 in Rotonda
    Mother Maria Giuseppe Marino born October 15 1822 in Rotonda
    Antonio di Tomaso parents:
    Francesco di Tomaso
    Maria Raimondi born May 7 1771.

  16. Olavo Aguiar says:

    Hello. I am researching my roots in Italy.
    My great grandfather ” Domenico Cantisani ” supposedly was born in Potenza, Basilicata in 1849. Parents: Francesco Cantisani and Ana Mariangela.

    In the other side Domenicos’s wife, Maria Antonia Thomaz was born in Rotonda, Basilicata in 1853.

  17. Sandra says:

    I’m interested in finding my grandfather’s liste de leva. I believe he was born in Potenza, possibly Tito. His name was Francesco Scavone, born in 1880. Are you able to help?
    His parents were Gerardo and Filamena Scavone. I look forward your reply.
    Thanks, Sandra

  18. Pina Lucia says:

    Maternal great grandmother: Teresa
    Maternal grandmother: Giuseppina Acierno
    Maternal great grandfather: Rafaelle
    Maternal grandfather: Gaetano Pace

    Paternal grandmother: Anna …….Buono
    Paternal grandfarther: Rocco Buono

    All from Potenza Italia.

    How far back do we go?
    Pina L.

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